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Laminate Floor Cleaning Equipment

Effective Cleaning Equipment That'll Keep the Floor Neat and Tidy

Sophisticated cleaning equipment is not required for cleaning laminate floors. Just a simple broom, vacuum cleaner, and a damp cloth will suffice.
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Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Laminate flooring has gained popularity due to its ultra-durability and its resemblance to hardwood or stone flooring. It is much easier to install and is cheaper than stone or hardwood flooring. This type of flooring is easy to maintain, because it's less likely to get scratched as compared to wooden flooring. Nevertheless, proper maintenance is required for its long life.

Cleaning Instructions

Dry Cleaning
Regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to keep laminate flooring looking great for a longer period of time. Sweeping or vacuuming should be done to get rid of the dirt and dust settling on the flooring. A simple broom will do and while vacuuming use the soft brush extension. This will get rid of all the dust and loose the dirt from the floor. Use a dry sweeper cloth to wipe off the loose dirt as much as possible.

Wet Cleaning
A towel or sponge head mop can be used to mop the floor. The automatic wring mop is an efficient cleaning equipment for laminate floors. The mop should be damp but not wet while cleaning the floor, because excess moisture can damage the flooring. One can also use cleaning products for cleaning the floor.

While most of these cleaning products are expensive, simple homemade cleaners such as vinegar and water are enough to clean this type of flooring. Vinegar prevents water spots from forming during cleaning. Mix half a cup of white vinegar with two cups of warm water, and fill it into a spray bottle. Spray the solution and mop with a damp cloth or automatic wring mop.

It's advised to stay away from chemicals like ammonia and bleach, as they can have destructive effects on the flooring. Irrespective of the cleaner you choose, it's always best to first experiment the cleaner on a small area of the flooring to check and see if there are any negative effects. To be on the safer side, consult your flooring manufacturer for guidance regarding the most suitable cleaning product.

Laminate Flooring Cleaning Tips
  • Laminate floors have to be kept very dry because retained moisture can conduce to swelling of the planks, warping, etc.
  • Steel wool, wax strippers, or scouring powder should never be used on laminate floors. One should also never use wax, sand, or lacquer on laminate floors.
  • While cleaning the floor, never use excess water, because it causes the flooring to swell.
  • Place adhesive felt pads on the legs of furniture pieces, to prevent them from scratching the laminate flooring.
  • To reduce the amount of dirt accumulation on the floors, place doormats at the entrances. Removing shoes at the entrance also help to reduce the amount of dirt being deposited on the floor.
Complex or expensive cleaning equipment is not required for laminate floor maintenance. With regular care and proper maintenance one can preserve the sheen of the flooring for several years to come!