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Do Not Miss These Tips for Proper Upkeep of Laminate Floors

Laminate floor upkeep is not at all a difficult task but you have to follow certain guidelines to prevent any kind of damage to its surface. You will get some valuable tips in this regard from this article. Read on to know more...
Bidisha Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Laminate flooring has gained a lot of popularity because of its high durability. The outer layer of laminate flooring is made of fiberglass or synthetic material which makes it quite resistant towards heat, moisture and stains. All these qualities make laminate floor care a simple affair. Laminate flooring is well-known for its visual appeal. Unless and until, it is maintained properly, its shine and beautiful colors will deteriorate with time. Thus, you can say that proper laminate floor upkeep is important to prevent fading out of its colors and maintain its attractive new look intact.
Laminate Floor Cleaning Tips
Cleaning is an integral part of floor upkeep because a dirty floor looks dull and its natural shine is lost. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while cleaning the laminate floor.
  • Regular sweeping and dry mopping is enough to keep the floor clean. Sweeping is done to clear large particles of dust and debris. If you want to use a vacuum cleaner to sweep off the dust, then use it without the beater bar. Sweeping should be followed by dry mopping that can clean up finer dirt residues left behind on the floor surface. It should be done three times in a week.
  • When there is heavy dirt build up on the laminate floor, then you have to opt for wet mopping. Wet the mop with plain water, remove the excess water from it and wipe the laminate floor with it. Do not add your regular floor cleaner into the water. To remove any heavy stains, use laminate flooring cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. After wet mopping, the water left behind should be soaked up by rubbing a dry clean piece of cloth over it.
  • Dirt and dust tend to get accumulated in the seams of laminate flooring, which looks ugly. The seams of laminate flooring are mostly found along the walls and they are filled up with sealants made of rubber to protect the underlying backing from moisture. Therefore, you can easily use water to clean up these joints. Prepare a soapy solution with cold water and mild liquid detergent. Soak a small soft bristled brush into this solution and scrub out the dirt and debris stuck in these seams.
  • If some greasy substance like gum or candle wax gets stuck to the surface of the laminate floor, then you have to take special care while cleaning it. Keep it untouched for some time so that it hardens up. Then use a plastic scraper to remove it as much as possible. The residues that are left behind can be cleaned up with soft rag and regular laminate floor cleaner.
  • Do not let liquid spill to stand on the floor for a long time as it can badly stain the surface. Take a clean piece of cloth, damp it with some water and wipe off the spill as soon as possible.
  • Avoid using steel wool or cleaning brushes with metallic bristles for scrubbing laminate floor. It will scratch the laminate surface and ruin its finish permanently. In fact, there is no need to scrub a laminate floor as mold and mildew growth do not occur on them. Moreover, it has a non sticky surface and dirt and dust do not get stuck on it.
Laminate Floor Care Tips
Another important aspect of laminate floor upkeep is to take proper care of it so that it does not get damaged. Some important points for protection of the laminate floor are given below.
  • Laminate floor should not be exposed to high temperature. Do not keep any hot objects on them. Never use hot water or even warm water for cleaning laminate floor. Hot water can melt out the synthetic layer of the laminate floor and exposure to warm water can cause peeling of its outer layer.
  • Those areas which get high foot traffic tend to wear out more easily due to excessive dirt and grit accumulation. You can prevent this by placing throw rugs and door mats there.
  • Heavy furniture legs often cause scratches on the laminate surface. Put leg protector pads under the furniture legs to avoid this kind of damage. While moving heavy furniture within the room, you should pick it up and not drag it. Pulling heavy furniture can press the floor and cause dents.
  • Leather soles can leave behind some scuff marks on laminate surface. So, do not enter the room wearing leather soled shoes.
  • Many people make the mistake of using waxing or polishing on the floor to make it shiny. Let me tell you that these materials are not suitable for laminate floor at all. Just keeping the floor clean is enough to maintain its glossy look.
Thus, you can see that laminate floor upkeep involves regular cleaning and a little bit of care. Both are equally important and you cannot afford to neglect either of them. If you follow the guidelines given in this article, I am sure you will be able to keep the laminate floor in good condition for many more years to come.
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