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Leather Furniture Care

Leather furniture care is easy, provided you look after, maintain, and clean the upholstery regularly. As this upholstery is made from natural hide, it is sensitive and needs to be kept free from fungus, dust, stains, and scratches.
From prehistoric times and all through primitive civilizations, man has used leather for a wide range of purposes. It was only by accident that he learned how to preserve and soften animal hide. The art of tanning leather was a guarded secret which was passed on from father to son and from generation to generation. With passing years, leather became an integral part of interior décor and has been there forever. Perfect for every interior setup, leather furniture has never been out of fashion. The classy and irresistible piece of furniture adds more than value to your room. With such an interesting legacy, I think the least you can do is take out some time to care for your leather furniture in order to make it last longer.
Restoration and Repairs
If you are a proud owner of a few vintage furniture pieces, you will have to spend a little extra money on its restoration and repairs. If you think the cost of repairs is running high then try to find ways to fix your leather furniture at home. Pick up a do-it-yourself kit from a store and repair your furniture. If the leather coat on your furniture is torn, get in touch with a person who'd repair it. However, sewing at home can worsen the problem.
Removing Stains
Stains on your expensive furniture can be a huge disappointment. Use neutral soap water to get rid of the difficult stains on your leather couch. With a piece of damp rag, rub the stained area. To prevent tough stains, blot the area immediately before the material absorbs the color or oil from the fallen item. Avoid using harsh detergents, turpentine, or any oil based cleaning agents to remove the stains. It will only lead to discoloration.
Daily Cleaning
To make your furniture last long, you need to clean it every single day. Remove the dust and debris from its crevices with a vacuum cleaner. Wipe the furniture with a damp cloth at least once a week. Make sure you dry it immediately to prevent any chance of fungal growth.
Best Buys
The maintenance manual will guide you with buying the best cleaning agents for your leather furniture. Try to avoid strong detergents and soaps while cleaning as it can lead to damage of texture and discoloration. You will find leather conditioners in the market which will help you keep the texture of your furniture soft and comfortable. Conditioning the upholstery every six months will go a long way.
Types of Leather
Cleaning your leather furniture depends on the type of the leather. Aniline leather, aniline plus leather and nubuck leather are the three kinds of leather that are used often. The first two types have wrinkles on them and are soft. Thus they need to be handled with extreme care and caution. The third is smoother in texture but a little velvety. This one is more prone to dust accumulation and visible stains.
It is important to look after the leather upholstery in order to prolong the lifespan of your furniture. Leather furniture adds a touch of panache to any home décor. So, make sure you use these tips to give your furniture a chance to adorn your home for a long time.