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Leather Furniture Conditioner

Avanika Mote Dec 5, 2018
Leather furniture, like any other expensive furniture, needs regular care. Using leather furniture conditioner is one of the best ways to maintain your couch in its pristine condition.
Leather cleaning involves many steps. Leather is first treated with a leather cleanser followed by a leather conditioner. Leather furniture conditioner helps in protecting cracking and premature aging of the leather in your furniture. The essential oils present in the conditioner make it soft and supple. A leather conditioner consists of glycerin and oils.
Glycerin and oils easily penetrate into the thick fibers of leather which protects it against friction. These leave no oil residue.

Leather Furniture Conditioner Reviews

Leather furniture should be taken care of with the help of all the products that are required to maintain leather in its original condition. You should first examine the type of leather used in your furniture and then a select an appropriate leather conditioner.
The job is to provide essential oils and other lubricants that are lost from the leather furniture due to its regular usage. The leather conditioner replaces these oils and helps in preserving the original smoothness, shine and feel of the leather. Leather may dry out at times due to very dry weather. A conditioner prevents this from happening.

Leather CPR Cleaner & Conditioner

This leather furniture conditioner is a one-step shortcut to pristine furniture. A neutral cleaner that works on all types of leather except suede, it comes in an 18 oz. tube. This conditioner cleans and conditions leather in just one step! It is also used on leather shoes, purses and car upholstery. With a rating of 4.8 stars, it is priced at US $ 14.95.

Homemade Leather Furniture Conditioner

If you cannot arrange a manufactured conditioner, you can try some homemade leather conditioner formulas.

Formula 1

Take one cup of water and one tablespoon of liquid castile soap or homemade liquid soap. Add half cup of white vinegar, mix together and shake it. Apply on your furniture with a cloth rag and wipe downwards.

Formula 2

Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil and shake it well. With the help of a soft cloth, apply this mixture to your leather furniture. Leave the conditioner on the sofas for 12 hours and the buff it with a soft dry cloth leftovers can be re-used.

Tips For Leather Conditioning

  • Always remember that leather conditioners containing animal fat are very harmful for leather furniture.
  • Before applying the leather conditioner, you first need to clean the furniture with a leather cleanser.
  • Treat the leather with a leather polish after conditioning it.
  • Always use a damp piece of cloth to apply a leather furniture conditioner.
  • Test the conditioner on a hidden patch of the furniture as it may darken a light colored leather.
Leather furniture gives your home a warm and luxurious look. It compliments all kinds of designs - modern as well as contemporary. Leather furniture is expensive and well deserves its three-step care regime including cleaning-conditioning-polishing, at least once every weekend.