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Leather Tear Repair

Easy-to-follow Instructions to Repair Leather Tear On Your Own

Want to save on some bucks by tending to your leather yourself? A few of these simple instructions and you can fix your leather in no time!
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2018
Leather is expensive and fixing it with professional help is not inexpensive either. A leather item, with time, is bound to experience some wear and tear. If not time, maybe by an accident. In any case, fixing it is always better and cheaper than replacing it. Instead of seeking professional help, a cheaper alternative would be to take up the job yourself. Here's how.
  • Pair of scissors
  • Leather repair kit (available in most stores and on online websites)
  • Water
  • Oil-free dish detergent
  • Leather conditioner (mostly included in the kit)
  • A rag
  • Spray bottle
Ready the surface for repair by cleaning it; it is one of the most essential tasks. It will aid the leather in bonding well with the adhesive and the patch. For cleaning the surface, make a solution of water and the detergent; fill it up in the spray bottle. After you spray this on and around the torn surface, wipe it off clean with a rag.

In continuation with the first step, to ensure that the repairing endeavor is a success, you need to tear the torn piece a bit further, and make it even. It has to be precise for a proper repair. A pair of scissors will be needed to trim the torn leather. Make the tear as clean and straight as you can.

Now that you have a clean surface, working on it will be easier. The patch will now accept the adhesive and the repair work well. Check out the leather repair kit and you will find sandpaper and alcohol. Take the sandpaper and scrub the leather around the torn area gently. Don't let the leather dry as it will become brittle. To ensure that, dip a cotton swab in alcohol and wipe the area you just scrubbed. Do the same with the patch you find in the kit.

Once you find the patch, see if it fits the size of the patch. If it is a fit, use the whole patch. If it does not, it has to be trimmed to fit the scrubbed patch. While trimming though, take care that you do not cut it for a perfect fit. Cut it in a way that it is slightly bigger than the torn area. After this, take the adhesive, apply it to the edges of the patch, and then place it over the tear. Apply a little pressure so that the patch is fixed properly.

The leather kit will also have colors, though you might not find the perfect match. Experiment with mixing colors, to get a color that matches your leather. Search the kit for a color matching guide or look for one online. Once that is done, apply a leather conditioner.
As you can see, repairing leather tears is not a big deal. If it is a major tear, then repairing it at home would not be feasible and it would not be durable even if done. Consult a professional regarding the tear, even if you choose not to opt for his/her services.