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How to Fix Low Pressure in the Shower

Omkar Phatak Dec 1, 2018
Are you facing a low pressure problem with your shower? Let's look into the various ways to an easy fix!
After a hard day's work, what you need is a hot shower to relax and soothe all those strained nerves of your body. However, it is a big disappointment, when it has low pressure. When you are expecting a steaming torrent of hot water, what you get is a whimper.
The feeling of hot needles of water hitting your face and thoroughly rinsing you hair in the process is a heavenly feeling. So when a new apartment shower turns out to have low water pressure, a shower hack is what tops the to-do list.

Dealing With a Low Pressure Shower Problem

One of the prime reasons why your shower head has water flowing out at very low pressure, is its inbuilt design, which limits pressure. In order to achieve economy of water flow and save money spent on bills, designers have built the heads that way. Other than that, there may be many more reasons, which we shall explore.

Fix Low Water Pressure at Main Line

If low water pressure is a problem that is affecting all your fixtures, including the head, then you will have to check the flow volume settings of your water main line, which may have been set too low. A change in the volume settings may solve your problem quite easily.

Remove Flow Constrictor

Most shower heads are fitted with a flow constrictor whose function is to reduce water pressure. It is a plastic object with perforations in between, fitted in the head itself.
All heads for low pressure water are equipped with this. To solve the problem, all you need to do is remove this constrictor. Check out the kind of attachment the head has. It will mostly have a screw fitted in, that attaches it with the water supply line.
To let the water pressure increase, take a screwdriver and remove the head. Locate the constrictor and pull it out. Later, you can fix the head back again. This will definitely solve the problem. That is why, choosing the right shower is important.

Clean Clogged Shower Head

If the low pressure still persists despite removing the constrictor, then you need to thoroughly clean the head and open up blocked perforations to restore the pressure to normal levels. Use a wire brush and vinegar to remove blockages. Make sure that all holes are completely cleaned out to restore pressure back to normal.

Change the Shower Head

If none of this works, replace the head to increase water pressure. Simply go for high pressure heads and replace the one with low pressure. Go for the best one available in the market.
All that you need to do is follow the above suggestions and enjoy a high pressure shower anytime.