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Instructions to Make a Solar Oven That'll Help You Save Money

Instructions to Make a Solar Oven
With the gradual depletion of natural resources, mankind is constantly in search of alternative sources of energy to fill the void. Solar energy has proved to be a new and dependable energy source. This solar revolution has definitely led, and would further lead, mankind to save a lot of electricity and cooking gas. In this article you will learn to build a solar oven.
Ujwal Deshmukh
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Construction material for solar oven
A solar oven, also called a solar cooker, is an instrument that works with the help of sunlight. The biggest benefit of a solar oven is that it does not consume any kind of fuel or electricity, and therefore, is a cost-effective appliance. Solar cookers come in many different types, which include parabolic cookers, solar kettles, box cookers and hybrid cookers.

Material Needed
In order to build a solar oven, you would need aluminum foil, a pair of scissors, newspaper, a sheet of cardboard, cardboard boxes of big and small sizes, non-toxic glue, transparent tape, pencil, stapler, 4 rods/sticks, and construction paper (black).

With all the material ready at hand, you can now begin the process.
  1. Place the small cardboard box inside the bigger cardboard box. The size of the boxes should be such that the smaller box fits inside the larger with about 2 inches to spare on all sides.
  2. Now, fill this 2-inch gap with shredded newspaper.
  3. A solar oven needs to absorb heat in order to work. Therefore, cover the insides of the smaller box with black construction paper.
  4. Now, cut 4 sheets of cardboard of approximately the same dimensions of the sides of the smaller box. These cardboard sheets would serve as reflectors.
  5. The next step is to stick aluminum foil over the reflectors with the help of non-toxic glue. While doing this, care should be taken that there are no wrinkles on the foil.
  6. Place the reflectors at an angle of about 45 degrees, with the help of 4 rods stuck on the edge of the larger box to hold the reflectors in that angle. The reflectors would further rest on these rods.
  7. Once you have attached the reflectors, your solar oven is ready and it is time to place it in the sun. But ensure that it is placed in such a way that the reflectors face the sun in order to absorb the maximum amount of heat.
Solar Energy―The Alternate Power
There has been increasing awareness about utilizing the solar energy for our daily activities, since solar energy is the biggest source of energy to whole mankind. Solar ovens prove to be very useful in countries where people face shortage of electricity, and do not have enough monetary resources to afford expensive cooking appliances available to the rest of the world. Solar ovens can be used and even constructed by everyone. Therefore, let us contribute to the cause of conservation of natural resources by using solar equipment, and save future generations from being deprived of these vital necessities.