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Making Summer Last With a Teensy Bit of Organization and Planning

Making Summer Last
Fall is already here, believe it or not. Kids have started going back to school, swimming pools are closing down, and sandals are being put away for another year. How does one make the summer season last even as fall is slowly creeping in?
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
By Pamela Mortimer

It's not difficult to prolong the season if you use a bit of organization and planning. Many dread preparing yards and gardens for the colder weather. Saying goodbye to the relaxed state of summer can be more depressing than sending your first kid off to college. It doesn't have to be so bad, however, if you do a little bit of preparation ahead of time. Here are some tips for easing into the fall season.
Switching seasons can be a chore when it comes to changing from shorts and t-shirts to long sleeves and sweaters. Laundering warmer clothes is a chore considering that they tend to be larger and heavier than summer gear. I don't know anyone who wants to spend a couple of days hovering over piles of fleece-lined anything before the temperature drops below 50°. My solution is to launder an item or two with each load of clothes and eventually, the warmer clothes will be clean and ready to wear. The same can be said for shorts and t-shirts, with one or two items being put away with each laundry cycle.
Lawn and Garden
Some things can't be done until the last minute. In many cases, planting, fertilizing, and winterizing have to be done in stages. However, it is possible to stock up on the items you'll need to complete the job, so when the time comes, the mulch and whatnot can be taken out of the shed and put to use. Meanwhile, it's easy to spend a few minutes in the morning a couple of times a week to take care of plants that are past their prime or preparing space for the lawn furniture once the cold weather hits.
Swimming Pool
Depending on where you live, the family swimming pool may have to be abandoned for the winter. As with the lawn and garden items, winterizing products can be purchased ahead of time and stockpiled. There's no need to follow the standard guidelines for closing your pool. If it were up to me, I'd swim until the snow flies.
There are several steps to take for preparing a house for winter, such as winterizing windows and pipes, digging out the snow shovel (depending where you live), putting an extra coat of sealant on the deck, and so forth. These things can also be done as you see fit, but some items should not be left for when the cold weather arrives.
Cars are often overlooked when it comes to the change of seasons. I am a big supporter of pre-flight checks for long trips and thorough check-ups in spring and fall. It only takes a few minutes to check the car's battery, tires, hoses, and fluids. These are routine checks that should be done on a regular basis, but are especially important when it comes to colder weather.
Cold weather can freeze gas lines, snap weakened hoses, and kill a battery. The next time you change your oil, have these things checked out. You can also gradually increase the amount of anti-freeze in your radiator, so that freezing up won't be an issue. Just these few steps can save you from a catastrophe out on the road, and perhaps even save your life.
If these things are accomplished a little at a time, fall won't seem quite so overwhelming. While your neighbors are out rushing around to get everything done, you can be reclining on your chaise lounge sipping a frosty glass of lemonade.
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