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Mental and Emotional Benefits of a Clean Home

Finnegan Pierson Dec 22, 2019
Maintaining a clean home has many benefits, both for your family's health as well as your mental and emotional well being. Here are some ways that you can reap the rewards of keeping your home spotless.

Find Things More Easily

Having an organized home has positive effects on mental health, as well as lower stress levels. Being able to locate items by knowing exactly where they are stored can save you a great deal of time and energy, which you can use for other tasks.
Having less clutter in your space can also enhance peacefulness, and make your home a more nurturing environment. Another way organization can assist your life is by saving you money. You will not have to purchase things that you do not know if you already own.

Feel Good Walking Barefoot

When you are in your own home, you should feel comfortable walking around without any shoes on. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your floors, whether carpet, hardwood, or tile, are always clean. Although carpet has the appeal of being soft, it can sometimes be trickier to maintain. Therefore,
You may want to hire a professional carpet cleaning service to visit a few times annually, in addition to your regular vacuuming. You can do a simple internet search for "carpet cleaning near me" to get an estimate of the cost, and how much time it will take to shampoo and dry your carpets. A clean floor can elevate the appearance of any room.

Spend Time with Family

With the time you save from keeping a clean house, you will have hours of the day or week to devote to your family, having quality time with your children or spouse. Another good way to spend a day, or even a few hours, is to do a quick cleanup with family. You can assign certain chores depending on the age of your kids.
Decide what the kids can do in a given time. Once you have all spent some time cleaning together, you can reward everyone by watching a movie together or going out for ice cream party. For children, you can offer additional incentives such as extra privileges for completing their chores.

Prevent Depression

Living with mental illness can sometimes be difficult, but a clean and organized home does wonders in helping to alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as, in some cases, prevent it from returning. If you are feeling low, try to take care of chores before your symptoms reach peak level.
You can then devote time and energy to tending to your mental health, rather than doing the dishes or vacuuming. If you need extra help, you can try hiring a housekeeper to come occasionally, so that you do not have to worry as much about menial upkeep in your home.

Minimal Maintenance

A huge benefit of your home being clean and organized in its normal state is that maintenance is a breeze. Aside from seasonal cleaning tasks, such as cleaning baseboards, deep cleaning appliances, or scraping out the gutters, everything else that you do after the initial clean is topical.
It is much easier to spend a few minutes on Saturday wiping down the stove and counters in your kitchen than to spend hours scrubbing all of the stains and other debris off of surfaces from months of buildup. Try to streamline your cleaning process so that you can take care of all tasks within a reasonable amount of time.
This will open up hours every week for other activities. Having a clean house does not have to be a challenge. With these tips, you will be able to live in a spotless environment, and have less stressful life as a result.