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Best Solutions for Mice Infestation

Nicks J Jun 23, 2019
Mice infestation can pose a great threat to the house owner's health as they are expert in spoiling food. Let's see some solutions to this problem.
Infestation of mice can make a luxurious house, a living hell. They can hide behind the cupboard, inside the cabinet and even the most cramped places that you might not have thought of. As they can easily contaminate food and make it unfit for consumption, it becomes necessary to throw this menace out of the house.
Here are some ways to get rid of these 'unwanted guests':

Mouse Traps

Although there are plenty of choices, when it comes to purchasing mouse traps, one should buy one that is convenient to use. The 'Victor's Muli Kill Electronic Mouse Trap' is designed in such a way that it kills the mouse in seconds.
Unlike other mouse traps that require resetting every time a mouse is killed, this battery-powered mouse trap is designed to kill as many as 10 mice per setting.

Peppermint Oil

Although peppermint oil smells good for humans, it is simply unbearable to mice and can drive them crazy. In order to spray peppermint oil, you need to first make a solution by mixing 9 parts of water in one part of peppermint oil.
Now, pour this solution into the spray bottle and then spray it in the infested areas. To spread the smell of peppermint oil, many people immerse cotton ball in the peppermint oil for a few seconds. The soaked cotton balls are then placed in areas where mice are frequently seen.

Mint Leaves

The scent of mint leaves is equally 'torturing' for mice, though pleasant for humans. You can put these leaves in the nesting locations of mice.
One can buy mint leaves from H-E-B plus, a grocery store that has branches all over the world. Or else, one can grow mint plants at home, to have sufficient stock of mint leaves.

Block All Entries to the House

Examine the house thoroughly and find out all possible points that allow mice to easily enter the house. A hole as small as a quarter of an inch will allow these rodents an easy entry into the house.
All vents and opening that provide access to the house, should be sealed with a material that cannot be damaged by mice. Generally people trust steel wool pads, when it comes to sealing entry points.


Like mint leaves, the smell of onions is annoying for these rodents. To be precise, the scent of onion is similar to inhaling toxic gas for mice. So, place fresh cut onions at their point of entry and exit, and you will see the result within a few days.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

If your kitchen is littered with eatables all the time, then your house becomes a perfect breeding ground for mice infestation. Keeping the kitchen 'spotless clean' is a pre-requisite to drive away the mice. Ensure that all foodstuffs are sealed in airtight containers.

Poisoned Baits

Poison baits are foodstuffs that allure mouse. Once the mice ingest these products (rodenticides), their death is certain. Baits, specially designed to kill rodents are easily available at various grocery stores.
Poisoned baits that have Warfarin and Pival as important constituents, are regarded as excellent rodent killers. Warfarin is basically an anticoagulant that does the job of thinning blood and prevents blood from clotting. This in turn causes internal bleeding, eventually causing the mice to fall over and die.
On the whole, mice infestation in house can be a thing of the past, if the aforementioned strategies to curb this 'nuisance', are adopted. These remedies can certainly ensure that these pests are driven away out of the house.