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Best Repellents to Get Rid of Mice

Bhakti Satalkar Jun 18, 2019
Rats and mice been a problem since time immemorial. Since they can get into any corners of the house, it is very difficult to get hold of them. Mice repellents are hence necessary to get rid of a rodent infestation.
Rats and mice are a menace to our homes, offices and farms. They live in the darkest and dampest places and feed on a variety of things like electric wires, causing short circuits. Our kitchens are often invaded by these rodents and they feast on our food stock and many times, defecate on them, which can lead to food poisoning or even conditions like plague.
Hence, it is important to keep mice infestation under check by undertaking a few steps to organize our homes by making it clutter-free and using repellents to drive the rodents away. There are a number of rodent repellents available in the market, using which you can kill mice and get rid of the menace.

Electronic Mice Repellents

These repellents use high frequency sounds to drive mice away from food sources and nesting grounds within human homes. Electronic devices are preferred in homes which have pets and children, as they are non-toxic. These devices do not result in the death of the mice, hence, least mess is created.
The high frequency sounds are inaudible to human ears, but they are alarming to mice and discourage them for settling or feeding in affected areas. The disadvantage of these repellents is that they have a limited range, as the sound does not pass through walls or furniture.
The range is comparatively less and is around 400 square feet. These repellents tend to be very effective outdoors but are unsuccessful in driving the mice totally away from the establishment. Mice normally find another area in the same location that is not reached by the electronic repellent and re-establish themselves there.

Mouse Repellent Sprays

The sprays are designed to drive mice away from the areas where they have made their homes. They are said to be very effective in outdoor areas too. This method of driving away mice tends to be safer than the other methods of pest control like traps, poisons, zappers, etc. Spray repellents don't kill the mice but are intended to drive them out of the homes.
However, the disadvantage of these repellents is that, since, they do not kill the mice and are only effective in the immediate vicinity, mice infestation may persist or move to another area closer to your home.

Natural Mice Repellent

Most rodent control products contain toxic and poisonous chemicals which can be harmful to children, adults, and pets. It is simple to make rodent repellents at home and drive the rodents away.
Mice hate mint, therefore, you can use mint to make repellents. You will require the following ingredients:
Peppermint Oil 8 oz.
Clove Oil 4 oz.
Water 4 oz.
Plastic Spray Bottle
Moth Balls or Cotton Balls
In the plastic spray bottle mix peppermint oil, clove oil, water and shake thoroughly. Spray the moth or cotton balls with this and place it around the room where you suspect the presence of mice.
Make it a point to place these balls near the places which you think are the entry points for the rodents. In case there are some tiny holes, insert a moth ball or cotton ball soaked with the natural repellent into them. The repellent can also be sprayed around the edges of the room.
There are also some organic rodent repellents available in the market. You may want to make use of them to make your home rodent-free. It is important to deal with a rodent infestation as soon as possible because, if left unattended, these critters can cause havoc in your home.