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Microwave Problems

Usual Microwave Problems and Faults You Must Have Noticed

Facing some microwave issues? Take a look at this article and it will help you identify these problems, and deal with them in the right manner.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
We use a microwave oven for almost all our cooking, and this is definitely going to cause several problems in the long run. This is true for any appliance you use. The more you use it, the more susceptible it is to a variety of problems. Everything comes with an expiry date. Sooner or later you are going to have to deal with that. However, it is also true that you can prolong the life of any of your kitchen appliances, by learning to identify its issues.
Common Problems
Before we proceed, it is important for you to know that trying to find out how to repair a microwave and undertaking the repair work yourself is extremely dangerous. Even when you have unplugged the appliance, it carries high voltage electricity that may put you at risk, while trying to repair it. If the problem requires the cabinet to be opened up, it is advisable to hire a qualified technician to take care of it, and spend a couple of bucks rather than taking such a risk. On the other hand, for smaller issues such as replacing the lock and other simple parts, you may do it yourself. The common problems that you may have to deal with are:
  • The food may not be heating, even though the microwave is working. In such a case, there may be a problem with the circuit board, or the internal door switches. In another case, while the appliance is running without heating the food, it may make a loud buzzing noise. This indicates there is a problem with the magnetron, the power diode, or the high-voltage capacitor.
  • Many of you may have faced a problem with turning off the carousel in the microwave properly. There may be a minor glitch with the plastic drive coupling, on which the tray is placed, or in the ring-and-roller assembly. These parts may be replaced if they are the root of this problem, and this is something you may do on your own. Also, the carousel works with the help of a motor, that has nothing to do with the heating ability of the appliance. However, it needs to be opened up to repair this problem.
  • Some of you may have faced a problem with cooking in the microwave. This is common because using it to cook on a regular basis causes moisture and oils to collect on the circuitry. To repair this, the cabinet will have to be opened up, even though the repair procedure is simple.
  • With a flickering display, you may or may not experience problems with the process of cooking in the microwave. If you do not experience a problem with the cooking when the display flickers, ignore the problem. On the other hand, if this problem interferes with the normal functioning of the appliance, it will require to be repaired by opening up the cabinet.
  • While cooking, many of you may have seen lightning or arcing in your microwaves. This happens when food or liquid has collected in the cavity. To deal with this problem, replace the wave guide cover if it has any burn marks, and clean the device well. Furthermore, if there are any such marks in the cavity, use sandpaper to smooth them out and use an interior paint to touch it up. Do not use the appliance until the paint has dried and it has been cleaned properly.
  • Lastly, if your microwave isn't working at all, there may be a problem with the fuse or with the door. If the fuse has blown, or the lock on the door has broken, it will not work. For a fuse problem, hire a technician to replace it. If the lock in the door has broken, you can easily replace it yourself.
Remember to follow microwave oven safety while operating or replacing small parts in your appliance. Also remember, no matter what kind of problems you are facing, do not try to undertake them yourself. Hire a professional who is aware of the operation of this appliance, and let him do his thing.