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Mobile Home Roof Repair

Instructions That You Must Grasp to Repair a Mobile Home Roof

Roofs of mobile or trailer homes are exposed to all types of weather, be it the harsh heat of the sun or strong rain. You can carry out mobile home roof repair on your own with the instructions given in this article.
Netrajit Laishram
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Mobile homes are a wonderful way of experiencing different places, as it involves a combination of living and traveling. It is also economical, as it does not require much maintenance. However, its roof may need to be repaired from time to time. These repairs are expensive if a professional is hired for the purpose, but with proper instructions and tools, you can even do it yourself.
Most trailer homes come with a metal roofing, but some also have shingles. These homes are on the move most of the time, which results in openings at seams near fixtures. This can lead to damage to the roof, if it is not taken care of in time.
Signs that your roof needs repair start appearing at the most unexpected places and times. Water starts leaking around the pipes, ugly stains appear on the ceilings due to leakage, the silver coating in the roof starts thinning, and holes start appearing in the vents. All these are definite signs that the roof needs mending. At the start, you should confirm the extent of repair work that needs to be done. Make an estimate of the cost of repairing the roof by checking the roofing material.
Tools Required
  • Ladder, for climbing up the roof
  • Glass fiber or melted plastic, to seal the leaks
  • Broom, to clean the surface of the roof
  • Patching cement, for sealing the leaks
  • Cement sealer, for laying a base for the sealing material
  • Paint brushes and rollers, to apply the cement and the sealers
  • Paint tray, to keep the paintbrush
  • Elastomeric roof coating, for overall protection of the roof
  • Paint, to repair the surface of the roof.
  1. Use a ladder to climb up to the roof, and make sure that the roof is strong enough to bear your weight. If it is not, you may need to use wooden beams as an additional support.
  2. Use a broom to clean the surface for any dirt or old paintwork.
  3. Start of the coating according to the type of the roof.
  4. Use the roof coating to fill up small leaks which appear through the rust.
  5. Apply the patching cement on the surface to fill in the small leaks.
  6. Apply the cement sealer liberally. Apply around two coats.
  7. Let the sealer dry for around 12 hours before applying the roof coating.
  8. Use a paintbrush or a paint roller to apply the roof coating. Coating the whole surface will make the roof last longer.
  9. For bigger leaks, use glass fiber or melted plastic to overlap the surface, and apply silicone caulking over it.
  10. Finally, paint the whole roof to cover the patching.
Some Useful Tips
  • Avoid working when the sunlight is strong, as you would not be able to do much due to the strong heat.
  • Take the help of another person, as it might not be possible to do everything alone.
  • While using metal sheets, be careful while cutting the metal.
  • Dispose off the leftover sealer in the way instructed, as it may cause unwarranted harm.
Using all the help available, the job of amending the trailer home roof may not be as difficult as you imagine it to be. So now, you can enjoy the comforts of your mobile home without having to worry about leakage during a storm or the sun's heat seeping in.