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Mold Removal Products

Mold Removal Products

Mold control is the best way to avoid the hazards of mold growth. Certain products, household as well as commercial, can help you keep the growth of mold in check. Consider both the aforementioned options in the following HomeQuicks article.
HomeQuicks Staff
Mold growth can be one troublesome problem for people living in wet, humid areas. No matter what measures you take to prevent the growth of mold, it often finds its way in the basement, inside the wall, or underneath the carpet. Mold, especially toxic black mold can cause number of health hazards, some with severe implications. Controlling its growth is the only way to ensure that the health risks are minimized. Mold removal products can come to your rescue, if you wish to protect your family from the dangers of mold.

Household Products

Household products work best when you have a mold or mildew growth of primary level. Borax, bleach, vinegar, are some domestic cleaners that effectively remove mold. Prepare a solution of 1 cup of borax in a gallon of water. Take a good quality scrubber, and scrub the area of mold growth. Repeat 2 to 3 times until you get all the traces of mold removed from the surface. Bleach can also be used in the same way as above. Since bleach tends to emanate fumes, you should make sure that the area is properly ventilated. Problem with bleaching solutions is that, they cannot penetrate the surface, as the chlorine does not break down. As a result, the water component enters the surface while chlorine stays on the surface. This can be particularly harmful, because the water that enters the surface may encourage further mold infestation. Hence, bleach should be avoided, if you have a mold infestation that has penetrated the surface. White vinegar can be used for mold removal by spraying it on the infested areas. However, before you spray it, make sure that you first vacuum the loose mold, so that the spores do not remain airborne and cause allergies.

Commercial Products

When we say commercial products, Lowes and Home Depot are the two names that immediately spring to mind. Besides, there are several other products and services that can help you to control mold infestation in your house. These products work on the principle of remove, contain, kill, and protect. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers control the growth of mold by removing the excess moisture from the room. Lack of moisture naturally inhibits the growth in the room. Similarly, you can also try using air purifiers that can remove pollen, mold spores, or any airborne allergens of size 0.3 microns or more. HEPA air filters or air filters with negative ions are most effective in removing mold spores, as they have an affinity for particulate pollutants.

While choosing removal products you should always consider the surface upon which mold is present. Products to be used for wood should be free of water, as water may aggravate the growth. Similarly, those for carpet should be free of harsh chemicals, as they can ruin the threads of the carpet. Mold removal solutions for drywall must be capable of penetrating the surface of the drywall, so as to effectively remove the mold and mildew growth.

Since, mold thrives in shady, damp places, you should avoid such conditions in your house. Bathroom and basement areas should be cleaned with any of the domestic cleaners mentioned above. Most of the household cleaners work for basement mold removal. Install air filters and dehumidifiers in the basement to ensure dry, moisture-free conditions in the basement. Check your houseplants for excessive dampness in the soil. Also, avoid storing lumber in open areas, as it easily encourages mildew growth. If you have an air conditioning system in the house, you might have to keep the windows closed. However, this is not desirable, as you need to rid off the stale air in the house. Hence, keep your windows open at least for a couple of hours in the morning or noon, so as to let in fresh air and sunlight. Sunlight is the most natural way of mold and mildew removal.

Mold removal products work only if there is less to moderate mold infestation. However, if there is a very heavy infestation it might make sense to rely upon professional remediation services. Toxic black mold should also be left for professionals to deal with.