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Varieties of Mortar and Pestle Sets

Fatima Rangwala Jun 30, 2019
Information here will discuss the types available in a mortar and pestle set, which is known to be an ancient kitchen tool used for grinding and stirring a variety of food stuff.
If you still are living under the mental picture that the world has revolutionized and technology has captivated 90% of the way things function on this planet, well I must say come out of that misconception soon.
Many people still adore to live life the way it was 100 years ago; like investing money in old-fashion clothes, use old-fashion tools in their homes and so on. In this case, even today, various food items like mixed spices, medicines, small edible food items or even herbs are used in many homes till date.

What is a Mortar and Pestle Set?

You may call a mortar and pestle as a natural food processor set which equally helps the food to get ground and beaten into smaller shards. Mortar is basically a container in a bowl shape made of different fabrications.
And pestle on the other hand is hand held, bat-shaped tool which is used to grind the content inside the mortar. Basically, the word mortar and pestle is derived from the classical Latin meaning called Mortarium and Pistillum!
But there was a Mexican version of it too known as Molcajete which was derived from the Tehuacan Valley 6,000 years ago. Considering the fact that this so-called mortar and pestle set is erstwhile, its use is still prevailing in many homes.

How is a Mortar and Pestle Set Used?

This is probably not the most easiest method to grind food items because it needs one strength to persist the grinding till its shards. But don't ponder over it too much, simply read the simple method to use this tool.
Place the food you want in small quantities to grind in the mortar (the bowl) and pound the same with the pestle. Apply a downward pressure or move the pestle in circular motions if the grinding substance is too hard to grit into pieces. Keep checking the substance in between the time of action whether it has been beaten into smaller fragments or not.
If not continue pounding it with the pestle. In this manner somewhere finally the substance would get ground and you can then expend it in your recipes and cooking.
Now that we've had a short trip on this non-electric kitchen hand tool for grinding and stuff, our next purpose lies in the direction of knowing the kinds available .

Variations of Mortar and Pestle Set

It's truly said that grinding food items will certainly enhance the flavor and richness of the substance you are grinding and cooking. Many people says that the taste, the aroma and desired flavor of the grinding substance doesn't come in an electric grinder as much as it does using a mortar and pestle set.
One should definitely try out a change for a change instead of using those so-called ergonomic repetitive pre-defined things called machines. Well coming back to the subject, choosing the fabricated material is vital.
That is because if you need flavor in your food, use the most absorbent set and if you need purity in your substance, use the least absorbent tool. Moreover choose the size of the set pertaining to the quantity of the items you plan to grind on a regular basis.

Marble Variety

If you are looking out for an all rounder usage, choosing a marble piece would be favorable. Since it's a marble stone which defines the make of this piece, there is an average resistance in the absorption of the moisture and odor it expels in the items.

Wood Variety

This set is suitable to use when you are planning to use a similar flavor throughout your cooking time. If you plan to grind anything moist and juicy, a wood set is really not recommended.

Stone Variety

A stoneware material is sustainable anytime of the day and is easy to use, easy to wash and clean. This set has ridges for a rigid grip during grinding and a nylon bristled brush to clean the mid-ridges.
Moreover the flavor produced after grinding food items in this set is simply scrumptious.

Porcelain Variety

Porcelain as a material is less gelable with moist and wet substances and therefore stains less too. The cleaning of this set gets easier and smoother due to these reasons. Moreover the flavors it ousts is simply pleasant-tasting.

Granite Variety

Granite stones have another named tagged along, called lava. Due to this fabricating material the grinding substances gets stuck in the pores of the mortar and pestle but gives a dense-rich taste to the food items up to a level. The size of the set is quite large in case for grinding bigger and larger ingredients.

Iron Variety

Iron as a material no doubt is strong by itself, but prolonged idleness of the set might turn out a snuff. When it's not in use the best solution to it is oiling. The material has really nothing to relinquish hence it's just another ordinary tool doing its job.
The last part in this conclusion is the size that really matters. You are the best one to know the amount of grinding you perform on a daily basis. Whatever is your story, just ensure that you go for a manageable size, because you don't want the content spilling over the sides of the tool and making a mess in your kitchen.
Moreover now that you have read the variations of the given sets, choose the best possible tool in terms of looks and functionality so that even if you leave it on your kitchen sink it won't look bad for a show!