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Motion Sensor Lights and Motion Detector Alarms

Motion Sensor Lights and Motion Detector Alarms for Security

Motion detectors are great safety devices to increase security outside your home. Read the following article to understand how they can help in safeguarding your home and surroundings.
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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2018
Two great safety features for outside your home are motion detector alarms and motion sensor lights. These are great if you live out in the country, or in a part of town that burglars frequent or might want to frequent. These are helpful to all who want to promote a safe neighborhood or increase security in or around houses or businesses.
Many kinds are available; some with two separate timers that can be used to automatically turn lights on and off several hours later. This kind is especially nice to use as an added security system, so people will not be able to think that you are gone for long periods. Some are only lights that come on when fast movement is sensed and others are sound alarms, as well as lights that are sensitive to movement.
Motion Detectors
There are two types of sensors: active and passive. An example of active sensors would be the bell you hear when you walk into a store. It is considered active because the infrared beam is always there and rings a bell when the beam is broken. However, with passive counterparts such as alarms and sensors, it is just the opposite case; the "alarm" or light is off until the path is broken or the temperature rises to that of a human being.
Motion sensor lights are usually used outside homes or businesses as a means of security to ward off those who are not wanted on the property. These systems can also be used to welcome those who might arrive at night and not be able to see the front door. Therefore, with one system, you are able to both, ward off those who are unwelcome and assist those who might be visiting or prevent the need to fumble for keys in the dark.
Where to Install?
These lights are good because a thief blinded by lights would not know if it is an angry homeowner who just caught him in the act of secretly accessing his property or detectors that may have sent a silent alarm to those inside. So, where should you place these detectors? Well, the usual places that might be accessed by people you do not want to do so secretly, namely thieves.
Those places might be both the front and back entrances to your home, your garage area, and if there is a back alley, then behind your garage facing the alleyway might be a good place. In addition, if you have large windows with bushes in front of them, it might be a good idea to hide a couple beneath the bushes; so, if someone tries to access your windows, the lights and alarms would come on.
Interesting Technologies
In addition to adding to both security and safety of residents and visitors of your home, some new technologies do more than just turn on a light. There is one brand that is able to, not only turn on your outside light when motion is detected, but can access the wiring in your home and turn on your kitchen light, TV, or play music, and set the thermostat to a certain temperature.
In addition, this type of light can also be used indoors, so if you wake up in the night, then you would be able to walk into the kitchen, get something to eat, and sit and watch TV, without so much thinking about touching a light switch. This is all possible with just two AAA batteries.
Another new feature provides a "creep zone" sensor, with the ability to detect someone creeping under its light. This is an especially interesting feature and a great-added benefit. It can sense someone who is actually hiding from the light itself. Of course, it takes a bit more than two AAA batteries, but it is well worth the extra cost.
These are just a few of the benefits of motion detectors. These are a great source of safety for any home or business, regardless of the location or time of year. Most have a great range of movement, so you can position them any way you like. There are those that can be used indoors or outdoors, and those that are lantern style to be used only outdoors. These are all that you need to improve the safety of your home or neighborhood.
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