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Mousetraps That Work

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya Nov 28, 2018
Are you facing a problem of too many rodents in your home? If yes, here are some useful tips on mousetraps that work and some ways, by which you can free your house from these pests.
If you have come to this page you must definitely be thinking of getting rid of mice from your house. You may also be wondering the best mousetraps to use and if, there are any homemade mousetrap which can reduce your dependence on mice poison and commercial mice traps.

Best Mousetraps to Use

Spring Trap

Spring traps are one of the cheapest and most commonly available mousetraps available in the market. Usually it is made of a small piece of plastic or wood and has a metal spring where you can attach food to lure the mice.
The mouse being attracted to the food, comes close to it and when it touches the piece of food, the spring of the trap shuts on it thereby, killing it. These traps are reusable, for pest control, after emptying it.

Mouth Trap

The mouth mousetrap is light in weight and consists a pair of plastic jaws. It is operated by a coiled spring and it has a mechanism to trigger the movement of the jaws if there is slight movement affecting the trap setting. A bait is kept inside the jaws and once the mice touches the mousetrap, the jaws shut thereby, trapping the mice and killing it.

Electronic Trap

Electronic mousetraps are the newest form of traps used for killing mouse by a lethal dose of electricity. These traps are box-like structures and employ an electric circuit. Food is kept inside and when it enters the box, it gets electrocuted.

Mouse Catching Trap

There are some traps which are designed to catch mice alive. These traps are an excellent tool to get rid of mice if you don't want to kill them. These mice can be released into the wild. If you are using such traps make sure that you release it as soon as possible, as mice may die from dehydration or stress.
Moreover, make sure that you release them as far as possible because these creatures have an instinct of coming back to the place where they used to live.

Glue Trap

Glue Traps, made of synthetic or natural adhesive is another way of catching mice. Adhesive is applied to plastic trays or card boards and some food is placed at the center of the board. When the rodent comes to have its food, it gets stuck on the surface of the board, thereby making it impossible to move.
The mice die of suffocation, starvation and dehydration. Since the mice does not die instantly and as it is stuck to the adhesive, death is much slower. Animal right activist are opposed to the use of sticky traps to kill mice. They feel that it makes the gnawer suffer unnecessarily.

Mousetrap Car

This can also be used for trapping a mouse and killing it. It is similar to other traps, the only difference being there are wheels attached to the trap.

Homemade Trap

Instead of buying and using any of the mentioned methods, you can opt to make it at home. A homemade mousetrap can be used to get rid of these little creatures. These traps require only a few common things like a bucket or a container, water and food like peanut butter, seeds or cracker crumbs.
For trapping and killing mouse at home, take a bucket of water and fill it three-quarters with water. If you want to kill it faster, add dish soap in it. Once you have done it, place the bucket in the place where you have mice problem.
Now place a ramp to the bucket by resting one end of a piece of plastic or wood on the bucket's rim and the other end on the ground. Drop some seeds in the water and some on the ramp. The mice lured by the food would climb up the ramp and eventually fall and drown in the water.
Thus, there are several mousetraps that work, anyone of which you can opt to use and protect your home from these pests. It is really essential that you take care of these pests as they are carriers of various disease such as Hantavirus which they spread through their urine and droppings.
They also carry deer ticks which bites and transmits Lyme disease. It's always better to try out homemade mousetraps as they can be equally effective and you would save money which you would have otherwise spent on buying these gadgets.