Napkin Folding

Here, You'll Learn the Restaurant Styles for Folding Napkins

Square and triangle folded napkins are a thing of the past. Placing napkins that are folded in quirky shapes and designs on the dinner table, makes the event a tad bit more exciting. This article helps you with a few easy napkin folding designs.
While setting the table, napkins, although underrated, are one of the most essential elements. In fact you just can't forget to place these. Today, the idea of using napkins at the table remains the same, but it is being done in style. You might have seen the way these adorn the plates and glasses with different fold patterns.

Napkin folding is like origami. Just like there are various techniques to make craft pieces from paper, here, the fabric is folded in various ways and placed in lovely patterns.

Candle Fold
  1. You can place this on the table on a side of each plate or even in a narrow glass. Start by placing the napkin, upside down on a table. Fold it into half, diagonally to form a triangle.
  2. Now, place it so that the open ends face away from you and the long side is towards you. Fold the long side up. A 1-inch fold is enough, press on the fold well.
  3. Now, starting from the left side corner, start rolling the napkin towards the right side end. Make sure you roll it tightly, so as to help it stand firmly on the table.
  4. Tuck the end in the base, A cloth candle is ready to grace the table decorations.
Candle fold step 1
Step I
Candle fold step 2
Step II
Candle fold step 3
Step III
Candle fold step 4
Step IV

Fan Fold
  1. This is a common folding style and looks very elegant. You can opt for any color and design for this style. Start by placing it plain on a table. Now, fold it into half, by moving the right side on the left to form a rectangle.
  2. Start folding it from the bottom, you need to fold 2/3rd of the napkin in pleats. So put accordion pleats, 2/3rd way up.
  3. Now, hold it horizontally, the pleats are in your left hand and other end in right hand.
  4. Now, fold the upper right corner diagonally down towards the folded base of pleats.
  5. Tuck it under the edge. Place this napkin, so that the center fold is on the plate.
  6. Release the pleats, a napkin fan is ready.
Fan fold step 1
Step I
Fan fold step 2
Step II
Fan fold step 3
Step III
Fan fold step 4
Step IV
Fan fold step 5
Step V
Fan fold step 6
Step VI

Goblet Fan Fold
  1. You can place the napkin folded in this way in the wine glasses. Place the napkin, upside down, flat on the table. Now fold it into half, lift the top ends to meet the bottom ends, so the open end is towards you. Fold the napkin into quarters, you can move the right border to overlap the left border. Now, just fold it into half and press the fold to form a crease. Undo this step, we just wanted a crease.
  2. Start folding the napkin from the right to left in accordion pleats. Remember, that the crease we made, must land on a fold to ensure that both the end folds are even. Now, you have finished folding, just press over with your hand to form neat creases.
  3. Now fold up the bottom end, to form a 1 inch fold, you can release the upper ends.
  4. Put the folded end into the glass and spread the fan. Well, that looks really awesome.
Goblet fold step 1
Step I
Goblet fold step 2
Step II
Goblet fold step 3
Step III
Goblet fold step 4
Step IV

Folding napkins in creative ways is a great way to add a style element to the table settings. With a huge variety of colors to choose from, you can easily find one to suit the occasion and other table elements. Make sure you select the colors, according to the theme, occasion, and matching the plates or tablecloth. It's fun to try out various techniques. Well, you can find out some new ones as well! These instantly enhance the look of the table.