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Safe and Efficient Repellents to Keep Insects Away Naturally

Ratnashri Dutta Jun 22, 2019
Getting annoyed by insects at our home is not a rare sight. Let's see how to get rid of these pests naturally if you do not want to go for chemicals.
If we spray chemicals in our garden in order to keep the insects at bay, then we are not only harming the plants, but also ourselves by incurring respiratory problems upon inhaling the same air.
Chemical repellents, besides killing bugs, might also kill those animals or insects that are actually useful for our garden, such as the earthworms and bees. Moreover, natural repellents are cheaper than chemical varieties and some of them can easily be made at home at minimal cost.


Soak some pieces of onion and its skin in warm water for at least a week. Next, bury them near those plants or areas where insects like spiders, white ants, etc are commonly found.
You can store the water in an empty bottle and spray it on the plants or in areas where the bugs hover around the most. You can also spray it on the houseplants.


Here, all you have to do is spray some alcohol on spider webs and forget about them. The spiders will not die, but they will think twice before making a web in the same place again. Spiders despise the smell of alcohol.


The bitter taste of neem keeps insects away. What you can do is, get some neem oil, dip a cotton bud in it and spread it over the plants that attracts most insects and also in those areas where you find these insects flourishing.

Essential Oil

Put some distilled water or alcohol in a spray bottle and add essential oils such as 20 drops of citronella, 15 drops of lavender oil and eucalyptus oil and 10 drops of lemongrass oil. Mix and shake well. Now use the mixture as a body spray to avoid insect bites.


Mix some crushed cloves with water and keep overnight. Next day, put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it over the plants. You can use garlic or hot chillies.
These remedies will definitely help in keeping those annoying insects that bay. Use any one of the methods that is convenient to you and enjoy an insect-free time both indoors and outdoors.