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Noisy Refrigerator

If you want to know the cause of and how to troubleshoot a noisy refrigerator, read the given information.
Mamta Mule Dec 10, 2018
Fed up of the irritating noise that your refrigerator is making? Is it getting louder day by day? Well, you need to check it out carefully, for there can be various causes of a noisy refrigerator.
Basically, you need to check whether the noise coming from this kitchen appliance, is from its backside or inside and then proceed with the troubleshooting task. So, don't worry anymore on how to stop the noise and follow the troubleshooting tips given here.

Noise from Inside

In a self-defrosting fridge, the source of noise is generally from the inside.
Basically, a fan is used in this appliance for proper air circulation through both the compartments; the fridge and the freezer. The placement of fan depends on the structure of the appliance and where the freezer compartment is located.
If freezer section is on left side of fridge, the fan is located on the topmost part of the back wall. If the freezer is at the bottom, the fan is on back wall in level with top edge of the freezer section.
In case the freezer compartment is at the top, the fan is on the back wall, near the bottom or top or center of the freezer. So, all you need to do for checking whether the fan is faulty and the cause of noise, is to open the freezer and push in light/fan switches.
If the noise becomes louder, the fan motor is faulty. If lubrication and repair of the motor doesn't help, you need to replace it.
If the source of noise is from inside the fridge or the bottom-front side or the food compartment, it's usually caused due to a damaged defrost timer. Just replace the defrost timer and check out.

Noise from the Bottom

If you can hear the noise coming from the bottom, check if the drain pan is rattling due to improper placement. Place it properly.
If required, tape it in place to stop the noise. If this is not the cause, but you hear noise coming from the bottom, most commonly the problem source is actually at the back.

Noise from the Backside

First of all, you need to open the back panel. Some fridges might not have this panel or may just have a net type panel. Once you open the back panel, check the following to fix the problems.
The problem may be caused due to a damaged compressor. A compressor is a single part, without any other moving part and is football sized. It is usually black in color and situated at the bottom with some tubes or wires attached to it.
If this compressor is making noise, which will generally be loud enough, it needs to be repaired by a professional. The compressor might also be needed to be replaced and of course, it is quite expensive.
The next cause can be the condenser fan. Dust and debris can jam the fan blades leading to improper functioning of the fan. Generally the fan is covered by a thin panel. In order to fix this fan and hence the noise, first of all, unplug it.
Now, remove the panel and clean the blades using a small cloth or a toothbrush. If you find that there is no lint or debris collected over the fan blades, its motor needs to be replaced.
The aforementioned tips on troubleshooting will prove to be of some help to you. In case of choosing a repair service, call the company repair service only. In case you can't get in touch with them, you can consult a specialized repair service.