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Reviews on Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

Mayuri Kulkarni Oct 6, 2018
When you think of installing a surveillance system, keeping an eye out just on the interiors of your house is not enough, as outdoor surveillance is equally important. Some information on surveillance cameras is given next.
Outdoor surveillance cameras enable you to keep a check on the activities around your home or business premises. Let us have a look at the various outdoor video surveillance cameras.

Dome-Shaped Cameras

These are the most common cameras used in a home surveillance security systems. They are dome-shaped and are mounted on the outdoor walls. 
These are quite popular, as their shapes are trendy and they blend well with the surroundings. But, because of their shape, it is difficult to figure out the position of lens.
The various types of dome-shaped cameras available are:
  • Infrared Dome Cameras:  These cameras record images even during the night.
  • Armor Dome Cameras:  These type of dome-shaped cameras comes in handy if there is any threat of vandalism.
  • Varifocal Dome Cameras:  The angle of the camera lens can be easily adjusted as needed.

Infrared Outdoor Bullet Cameras

When night-time surveillance is a priority, infrared outdoor bullet cameras are the best option. They provide clear colored images during the day and black and white images at night.
All types of infrared cameras facilitate nighttime surveillance, with different resolutions and lens angles.

Wireless Cameras

Wireless outdoor cameras provide the most assured way for outdoor surveillance, and are easy to install. 
Advanced wireless cameras enable you to view the activities, even on the go. These outdoor cameras can be controlled and viewed using any web browser, and do not require any separate software. 
The camera has a web address, using which you can access its control through the Internet. Their resolution is very high too. Other types of wireless cameras include the ones that use television sets or VCRs to display the images.

Dummy Cameras

Dummy outdoor cameras are an option when you do not want to invest money on outdoor surveillance and when a serious threat of intrusion is nonexistent. 
These are fake cameras used to mislead intruders. They look like real cameras, but do not have any mechanism to record the activities. However, these cameras do not guarantee the security of your property.
For proper outdoor surveillance of your property, the cameras should be equipped with the following features:
  • They should work 24 hours.
  • They should be weather-resistant and waterproof.
  • The lens should have a wide angle and cover larger distance so that the maximum area can be covered.
  • Select a camera that supports alarm systems on detecting threats.
The number of cameras to be installed depends on the area that is to be scrutinized by the surveillance system. Outdoor cameras usually come in the package of four. 
Install one in each direction of your house or office building, one at the entrance, one in the backyard, and two on the either sides of the building.
High resolution will reduce the number of cameras needed for a large area. Security of your property is a must and outdoor surveillance cameras are always a good choice to keep thieves and intruders at bay. They not only help keep an eye on the surroundings, but also help in the investigation to track thieves after a robbery.