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Paper Napkin Folding

Rimlee Bhuyan Nov 30, 2018
There are many techniques for folding paper napkin and you can create a beautiful table setting with it. Let's discuss how you can create beautiful napkin folds at home.
Paper napkins are more versatile and cost-effective than cloth napkins and they do not need to be laundered. They are very convenient for those times when you are throwing a large dinner or cocktail party and you just can't supply all your guests with clean cloth napkins.
Paper napkins are available in a wide variety of sizes, color and patterns and they can be used for both casual as well as formal occasions.
Paper napkin folding is an art and they can be folded into fancy shapes to give your table decoration a classy look. When you start folding, ensure that the paper napkins are of a good quality and that your hands are completely dry when you work with them. Paper napkins are better than cloth napkins for folding, as they are better able to hold their shape.

The Fan Fold

The fan fold is one of the simplest folding style that you will come across. For this you need to place the paper napkin in front of you on a table and fold it in half diagonally. Now fold one side of the paper napkin into small accordion pleats until you reach the half of the napkin.
Turn the napkin over and fold it again into half. Place the napkin in such a way that it is standing upright and smooth out the pleats of the fan.

The Rose Fold

This is a slightly complicated fold than the fan but if you are patient and precise, you can get it right. For this you need a large paper napkin. Fold it in half and then again in another half until you get a smaller square of paper. Now open out the paper completely, and smooth out the creases.
Now fold each of the four corners of the paper napkin towards the center to create a smaller square. Again fold the four corners of the new square to the center. Repeat the same process to get an even smaller square piece of paper. Turn the paper napkin over and fold the four corners of the square to the center.
Placing a finger at the center of the paper napkin, tug out the flap of each corner to form a cup like shape. Pull out the remaining flaps one by one to create petal shapes. Place the napkin on the middle of the side plate.

The Turkey Fold

The turkey shape in paper napkin folding is created by using two paper napkins, one to make the turkey body and the other for its wings. Take the first napkin and fold it in half diagonally, then open it up to reveal the crease. Fold the two edges of the napkin to meet the center crease.
Fold the sides again and tuck in the bottom most point to create a straight line. Fold the napkin in half and then fold the top portion of the napkin to the left side to create the turkey head.
Now take the other paper napkin and fold it in accordion pleats. Fold this napkin in half and place this napkin behind the first folded napkin and secure with a pin. Arrange the napkin in such a way that the turkey is standing upright.
There are many other napkin folding techniques like the bird of paradise napkin fold and the lotus fold, among others. You can learn all these folds by experimenting on your own. Folding paper napkins is a lot of fun and a great way to jazz up a simple table setting.