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Pegboard Ideas

Mayuri Kulkarni Nov 06, 2018
Pegboards are incredible storage devices that help to save lot of space. Read on about pegboard ideas for garage, kitchen, and home office.
Pegboards are large boards with holes that can hold hooks to hang different types of accessories. When it comes to using these boards for home decor, there are several ideas for pegboards that can be used in the kitchen, garage, home office, etc. They can be hung on the walls, on the doors and on the doors of the cabinets.
They are considered as best storage devices for small rooms, as they help in keeping the space organized. So, if you are thinking of installing pegboards in your house, then take a look at these easy to implement pegboard ideas.

Creative Ideas to Use a Pegboard

A pegboard can save you a lot of space, especially if you require to store a lot of essential stuff, but don't have the requisite space. Go through some of the ideas given here to organize and maximize your available space.

For Garage

If you have a garage, you must have a pegboard that will hold all the garage supplies. It is a wonderful way to avoid a messy and littered garage. It will help to keep the functional area clean and tidy.
It can be used for hanging tools, like, hammers, pliers, wrenches, screws, etc. These can also be used for storing large garage supplies like batteries.
If you have a laundry corner in your garage, you can have a board that holds laundry items, like, detergent, clothespins, iron, fabric softener, etc. If you have a collection of garage manuals and user guides, then hang a magazine holder on the board, and store the collection in it.
You can also hang small tin boxes to keep small garage supplies, like, nuts, bolts, and screws. Install long shelves on the pegboard to place bottles of lubricants, flashlights, batteries, etc. While hanging a board, which holds the supplies, hang it near the work bench, so that you can access the supplies quickly.
Use a board that will properly hold all the items, since many of these supplies are heavy. You may take the help of furring strips, and install along with the pegboard to provide extra support, so that all the tools can be hung properly.

For Kitchen

Pegboard is a wonderful storage device for small and narrow kitchens. You can have a nice one in your kitchen, which will hold pots, spoons, and many other kitchen utensils. There are several ways to hang it in the kitchen.
For example, if you want to have a neat and tidy kitchen storage, then hang a board behind the door of the kitchen cabinets. Hanging it inside a kitchen cabinet makes for an organized cabinet, and keeps the mess out of sight. You can also hang it behind the kitchen door to have easy access to kitchen utensils that are used frequently.
Since these boards are very versatile and flexible, you can hang them anywhere you want. A small one can be hung over the sink to hold tiny kitchen accessories, like spoons, while a large one on the wall can be used for holding plates, jars, pans, and pots.
Using these in the kitchen helps you to have an organized kitchen decor and easy access to the required utensils. While using a pegboard in the kitchen, make sure that its color goes well with the existing decor. You may even design the board in such a way that it becomes the focal point of the kitchen decor.

For Home Office or Craft Room

If you have a small home office or kids' craft room, then a pegboard can help you to give an uncluttered look to the area.
Pegboards for home offices, can be used very efficiently to store the office supplies and other accessories. You can also make bulletin boards out of these boards, and display current events or important tasks to be done.
Make use of small tins to store paper clips, stapler pins, and other office accessories. A board in the kids' room or craft room, enables easy access to the craft supplies.
You can hang cute pen holders on it, and decorate in various ways. It should be hung beside or above the working table, so that all the supplies can be accessed easily. For such rooms, you can have artistic board designs, that will contribute to the decor, and also provide good storage.
While installing the hooks in the pegboard, make sure you use good quality hooks that do not come off. Some hooks may come off while hanging the objects on them.