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Types of Pegboards

Different Types of Pegboards to Creatively Hook Your Essentials

Making use of a pegboard is one of the best ways to keep small things organized and in one place. With these you are sure to find what you need, in no time.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
They are commonly seen in small areas, filled with items of all sizes. In garages, you will often see these hanging from the walls. This form of storage is popular, because it enables you to organize tools, thus making it easier to find and pick one. It can also be used in other places to keep things organized.
A pegboard is a large sheet or strip of wood, that has evenly spaced holes drilled into it. These holes are used to fix hooks or pegs, which further hold various objects, like tools and utensils. Instead of learning how to install it, you can simply get these from the market. Depending on the materials used, sizes, and designs, the prices of these boards will vary. There are also a wide variety of hooks available.
Types of Boards
Based on strength, these can be classified as:
  • Heavy duty (metal ones are strong, durable, and suitable, for heavy tools)
  • Light duty (hardboard or wooden ones, are suitable for small workshops, lightweight toys, and tools)
They can also be classified on the basis of the materials used in making them. These generally include:
Metal: These are made from brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum. They are more durable and stronger in comparison to their wooden or plastic counterparts.
Plastic: With no risk of rust or mold growth, plastic pegboards are a popular choice. Those made from polypropylene, do not crack or break. The durability and strength of a plastic pegboard is similar to those made from metal. They come in a variety of colors. Acrylic boards, like the plastic ones, offer versatility, as they come in transparent and colored varieties. They are also lightweight and affordable.
Wood: Those made from hardboard (a material made up of highly compressed wooden fibers) are popular, and a relatively cheaper option. However, they retain moisture and are not a good choice for heavy equipment. Wood-based composites like particle boards or medium-density fiber boards are also commonly used. Composite fiber boards are a better option and long-lasting, but too much of weight can damage them.
Types of Pegs
While regular ones consist of simple hooks to hang items, you can also buy those that come with a locking mechanism. They're available in a number of styles, sizes, and shapes. Pegs with a locking mechanism are beneficial, as the lock prevents it from disengaging from the board when a tool is lifted off the hook. Metal, steel, and wooden hooks, are popularly used. Brass pegs with carvings, look classy.
Where are Pegboards Used?
They very popular and are commonly seen in garages, with tools hung on it. You can have these installed in offices and homes to hang your keys. Apart from this, you can include it in home decor by hanging small soft toys or paintings, on them.
A bedrooms is the best place to use pegboards. Key rings, jewelry, caps, belts, and other accessories, can be hung on these multipurpose boards. You can also add it to kitchen d├ęcor by hanging utensils like spoons, spatulas, and whisks. What's more, these can be fixed inside cabinets and wardrobes, to hang utensils and clothes, respectively. So, when are you buying one to keep your personal things, organized?
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