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Here's How to Make Plastic Ice Cubes and Brighten Up Your Drinks

Plastic ice cubes are artificial varieties of ice used for chilling drinks or merely for decorating them. They are usually made from microbeads and come in colorful designs and patterns. Read on to know more.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2018
colorful ice cubes
Drinks are chilled by adding ice cubes into them. But what happens when they start melting after sometime? The drink gets diluted while the ice keeps transforming to water. This is a big disadvantage of using natural ice to get the chilling effect. With the invention of their plastic versions this problem has been solved. They are artificial ice made from plastic, microbeads, and acrylic that are used for keeping drinks cool and also for jazzing them up with colorful tones They resemble natural ice cubes, but they do not melt. Such unconventional decorating agents are used for brightening up cocktails, fruit juices, wines, beers, and vodka. They are available in drugstores and you can even store them at home.
These cubes come in different shapes and colors that are purposely molded to make them look attractive. You can also make them at home with the help of microbeads packed in an aluminum foil. You do not need an ice maker for this purpose.
  • First gather a cluster of microbeads, a wooden block, and an aluminum foil. Preheat the microwave oven to 375° F.
  • The wooden block should be of the size of ice cubes or it can vary. Wrap the box with the aluminum foil in such a way that one end is left open.
  • When you cover the wooden cube, the foil acquires the shape of the block. Now remove the block from the foil and let the foil retain its shape.
  • Stuff the foil mold with sufficient microbeads and then place it over a cookie sheet.
  • Insert the sheet inside a microwave and bake it for 20 minutes.
  • The beads will be melt and condense inside the aluminum mold.
  • Take the baking sheet out from the oven and allow the beads to cool.
  • When the beads have cooled completely, unwrap the foil from over it. Refrigerate it for a long-lasting chilling effect.
The contour of these cubes depends on the density and shape of the molds. If you check them at shops and online sites, you will come across a gamut range of varying color and sizes. You will also be amazed to see the showy and dazzling ice cubes with lights. Lights are installed in them which glow in the dark. The light is switched on by pressing a small button. They are made up of non-toxic materials that have been approved by FDA. Neon lights glow wonderfully in the dark and the ambiance of a party or a restaurant is completely changed with such effects. Glow sticks have also become popular today for illuminating different flavors. Freezable plastic ice cubes are similar to the light embedded cubes that glow when served with desserts and drinks.
Plastic ice can be served on plastic ice cube trays as well. They come in different patterns having pockets for placing the ice. You can arrange such trays on a table for decorating food courts arranged with tempting cuisines, beverages, and desserts. The plastic trays also come in use while serving with drinks. You can arrange the trays with multicolor ice and allow your guests to pick their favorite one.
The price of trays, as well as plastic ice, is not at all expensive. When you buy them online, you will be exposed to a large range of shapes, designs, and colors available at cheap rates. They are safe to use, and do not pose any health hazard. If you want the chill to last long then freeze plastic ice cubes in silicon trays or stainless steel trays instead of plastic trays.