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Portable Washer Dryer

With the scarcity of space, it has become important that we use what is available intelligently and efficiently. In such cases, the portable washer dryer comes handy.
Bhakti Satalkar Dec 3, 2018
Gone are the days of holding a separate washer and dryer in the house, as people have woken up to portable washer and dryers. There are many companies who have ventured into manufacturing portable washing machine, and their sale is on the rise on account of their popularity.


Portable washer and dryers come in many types.
  1. Front load machines
  2. Top load machines
  3. Two-drum semi-automatic portable machines
  4. Twin machines/Stackable washer and dryer machines
Each one of these types has its own pros and cons. In the end, the buyer has to set his priorities, define his requirements, and then make the purchase.

Benefits of Portable Washing Machine

  • They can be accommodated conveniently in small spaces and do not need a demarcated laundry area or closet. They can even be installed under the counter, if they are front load machines. They can be used in baby apartments or in assisted living facilities, where there is a space crunch.
  • Very often, these machines come on wheels, so there is no need to invest in setting up the power supply line and/or water faucet. You can wheel them to the nearest available water faucet and shift them to a corner when not in use. The dryers use the regular house outlet, thus reducing the expenditure of fixing up a separate outlet.
  • They are also energy-efficient and save a huge amount on energy bills. Most of these machines do their job without making any noise. These machines have vigorous spin cycles and maximum amount of water is drained from the clothes. They require less time to dry the clothes and can save on energy. Their performance is as efficient as any other full washer.
  • Water consumption of these machines is also lower as compared to normal washing machines. A family of four will be able to save minimum 8,000 gallons of water each year with these.
  • They are small in size and can be conveniently used even outdoors. This is a good option when you plan to stay out of the house for a major part of the day, without having to worry about washing clothes after going back home.
  • Most of these dryers come with multiple options for temperature, load size, wash cycle types, and drying cycle types, which help in washing and drying the clothes like any other single machine. Some of them also come with Wash Only and Dry Only programs.
  • These machines work well for heavier clothes, like jeans, and also wash delicate clothes with care. They are said to remove the most greasy stains with ease.
  • Most of the portable washer and dryers come with separate dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener. This ensures that the clothes are well cared for.

Tips for Buying a Portable Washing Machine

  • Studies have shown that knobs and dials last longer than the sleek electronic controls. So, in case of damage, it is cheaper and easier to replace the knobs and dials than the electronic control system.
  • Choose a machine that has a stainless steel drum, as they last longer without chipping and do not have any other problems, like those with plastic and porcelain drums.
  • Buying a machine with a large drum is economical. Huge load of laundry can be completed in the same amount of time, saving energy as well as water.
  • Many portable washer and dryers come with automatic temperature settings. You should choose them over the other available machines. With the sensors attached to them, they do a better job of selecting the right temperature for the load of clothes that need washing.
Some models, like the stackable washer and dryer, are costlier, but the rest of them are cheaper than the single washer and dryer machines combined. Before purchasing a machine, conduct a thorough research of the market to get the best value for money and also to satiate all your requirements.