Removing Toilet Ring Stain with a Pumice Stone

Removing Toilet Ring Stain with a Pumice Stone

For stubborn toilet ring stains, using a pumice stone is highly recommended. Read the Buzzle article for two distinct techniques to accomplish the cleaning process.
Over time, the toilet bowl will have stains at the top of the water line due to calcium, lime, and iron deposits. To get rid of this stain, you can use a pumice stone. Not only for cleaning purposes, but it also is a healthy way of living which keeps you and your family away from germs and bacteria.

Method #1

Step #1 ~ Before we begin, from your local grocery store (in the mop and cleaning supply aisle), buy a big pumice stone. If you can't find the desired size you're looking for, check a swimming pool store or a hardware store as they have really big stones. Try to get one with a handle as it will make your job much more comfortable.

Step #2 ~ Wear the rubber gloves and wet the stone with some water. All throughout the cleaning process, you will make sure that the stone is always wet. As you will be rubbing the stone against the toilet bowl, you don't want it to leave behind unwanted scratches.

Step #3 ~ Wet the stone, flush the toilet, and once the water goes down, start scraping the stone across the stain in the toilet bowl. You will have to keep flushing few more times to reach the stain (unless you don't mind putting your hand in the water).

Step #4 ~ The stone will work its magic (just like an eraser), and eliminate all the mineral sediments formed around the bowl. Try not to put a lot of pressure while you're cleaning as you might scrape the porcelain; flush the toilet one more time.

Method #2

Step #1 ~ As this technique uses some bathroom cleaners with chemicals, it's advisable to keep your bathroom door and windows wide open for proper ventilation. As these chemicals can be hazardous, wear hand gloves, goggles, and a mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Step #2 ~ Flush the toilet once to make all the sides of it wet. Take toilet cleaner (liquid or powder, your choice) and sprinkle some amount on the toilet bowl. Try to get the maximum amount on the bowl and not in the water. If you have any doubts, just follow the instructions given on the box or bottle.

Step #3 ~ Let the liquid of powder settle for couple of minutes. Wet the stone with water, and scrub all the sides of the bowl. Make sure not to apply too much of pressure so that you don't harm the porcelain. Flush the toilet, and check if there are any more stains that were left behind. Follow the same procedure if you find any stains.

Step #4 ~ Spray some antimicrobial on the top of the toilet bowl, underneath and over the seat and cover. Let the antimicrobial dry off properly before you or anyone else uses the toilet.

No matter how tedious and monotonous cleaning the toilet may be, it is a chore that needs to be done on a regular basis. Pumice stone is the simplest way to achieve the goal, and also without too much of labor.