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Quick Ways to Manage Clutter

With today's increasingly busy lifestyle, you might find it difficult to clean your home from time to time. The result is, obviously, a cluttered home. In this article, we'll give you a few quick, useful tips to declutter your home.
Efficient Clutter Management
Whenever you can spare a few minutes, put little things into their place. These can be kids' toys, letters that need filing, or a pair of socks lying around.
The way you keep your home, says a lot about you. Honestly. Agreed that the time you get to invest in cleaning is less, but a cluttered home is usually also an unhygienic home. You HAVE TO clean it. What you can do is, manage the job in a smarter, quicker way. While the best option is to not let it clutter in the first place, we all know how that doesn't work. You will agree with me when I say that we all have a lot of things we don't need. It is letting go of these things that will reduce your clutter immediately, and drastically.

Decluttering the Smarter Way ...

☞ On the first day of your initiative, keep five big, empty boxes ready. Label each of these boxes as rubbish, give away/sell, keep, personal, and miscellaneous.

☞ Start by categorizing all the clutter in these boxes depending on whether you need them or don't. You will come across things that you don't need, but are very personal; things that you treasure. These can go in the box labeled 'personal'.

☞ Things that are put in the box labeled 'keep', should be put in their respective places in your home. Do the same for things put in the box labeled 'personal'.

☞ Now move on to the next boxes. Make a list of all the things that have gone to the 'sell/give away' box. Paste this list onto the box and keep it away, perhaps in the basement or attic. Give away things in this box as and when you can.

☞ Be ruthless and immediately throw away all things that have been put away as rubbish. Don't waste time pondering over things that have gone in this box.

☞ The 'miscellaneous' box should be dealt with last. Analyze one item at a time and see whether you need it or not. There may be things that you want, but ask yourself if you really need them. If you don't, dispose them.

☞ Don't hurry. Take your time with this task. Deal with one box at a time. Declutter one room everyday. Haste will only reduce your efficiency.

☞ Dump junk mail the moment you receive it. Deal with important mail once a week; file what you need to keep. Filing also has to be done in a proper manner. Shabby paperwork is the worst to deal with.

☞ If necessary, buy things that will help you store your stuff better. Cardboard storage boxes, files, hangings, etc., are great tools for intelligent storing. Similarly, drawer dividers help in reducing clutter in drawers.

Irrespective of these tips, decluttering is a task you need to take up periodically. However, if you manage your stuff properly, you will spend lesser time on this job every time.