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Rain Gutter Cleaning

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule May 10, 2019
Rain gutters prevent the windows, sliding, and basement flooring from getting damaged due to rainwater. However, you must clear off any debris so that it doesn't obstruct the flow of water.
Rain gutters are responsible for carrying the rainwater from large surfaces such as a roof, to the area where water can be drained out. The main reason for installing rain gutters is to protect the windows, walls, basement, and flooring from getting damaged due to rainwater.
However, over time they get clogged by the leaves, twigs and other debris. Accumulation of debris obstructs the flow of water in the gutter and may cause it to overflow or flow back, thus defeating the purpose of rain gutters itself. Hence, it is important that rain gutters be cleaned well before the rain.

Scooping the Debris

If you do not wish to climb on the rooftop for cleaning rain gutters, you will need a sturdy ladder to climb on.
Other materials that you will need are thick working gloves, goggles and a garbage bag or bucket. Put the ladder on a firm and even ground base and at an appropriate height from the rain gutter. Scoop a handful of debris from the rain gutter and throw it in the garbage bag. Beware of the metal parts and screws that are fitted inside the gutter.
You can cut the handle of the garbage bucket and bend it to hang along the rain gutter, so that you need not have to carry it all along. But the problem is, you will not get anything to grip while climbing down. Hence, you can simply put the debris in the garbage bag and carry it along.
The simplest method is to dig out the debris from the gutter and throw it on the ground. Though, this will create quite a mess on the ground below, it will at least relieve you of carrying heavy garbage bag all along the gutter. The problem with using a ladder is that you will have to get down every now and then to reposition it.
The most convenient way of hand scooping the debris is to simply climb on the roof. If your roof is not too high and has less slope, this is the simplest method of cleaning a rain gutter. However, make sure you are wearing good shoes that have a firm grip.

Blasting the Debris

This is a messy method, but it will definitely make sure that your rain gutter is sparkling clean. Get a long hose with an on-off nozzle and wash the rain gutter.
Climb on a ladder or the rooftop, whichever suits your job site and blast the debris with the pressure of water. You can also use a scrub brush to get rid of stubborn grit. With this method, you'll have mud splattered all around your house, nonetheless, your rain gutter will be clean in no time and that too without much effort.

Pressure Cleaning

This works in the same manner as the blast method and is equally messy.
If you do not own a pressure machine you can easily get one from the nearest hire shop. Apply pressure and blow all the debris out of the rain gutter. This is particularly convenient if you are planning to clean the rooftop as well.
Cleaning a rain gutter is not a big deal and is only a day's job. You can do it yourself and thus save $100, which you would otherwise have to pay for the cleaning services.