Rattan Furniture Repair

The material used for making rattan furniture is a special type of cane obtained from certain species of palms. This Buzzle article tells you how to mend it after years of wear and tear.
One of the major problems with this material is that it gets bleached when it comes in direct contact with sunlight. Moreover, cold weather conditions tend to make it brittle. As a result, cracks and dents begin to develop. Before you fix one or more such defects, you have to gather some supplies. The commonly-needed materials are glue, glue injection needle, screws, nails, hammer, putty knife, sandpaper, spray paint, spray primer, and boiled linseed oil.
Problem #1
To begin with, check all the joints of the furniture carefully because they tend to loosen up. When screws are used for attaching the joints with each other, then you have to tighten them properly. In case nails have been used for this purpose, then replace the old nails with new ones. To ensure that the joints are tightly held and add more stability, apply some glue on the repaired areas. To reach out to the narrow joints, use either a glue injection needle or a sharpened dowel rod. While the glue is drying, use a rope or clamp to hold the glued parts together.
Problem #2
Scrape off those areas where the material is chipped off with the help of a putty knife. Then take a medium grit sandpaper to sand the surface. This will remove the rough patches from that spot. Now, sand the entire furniture using a sandpaper for a smooth surface; this will ensure better adherence when you apply paint and primer on it later on.
Problem #3
Minor dents, cracks, or fading due to sunlight can be easily covered by painting those particular areas. Wipe off the furniture with a clean piece of cloth to get rid of all dust and debris. Cleaning should be followed by priming. Spraying the primer and paint is generally recommended as it has so many curves and designs. Spray the primer coat on the surface in such a way that it forms an even layer. Let the primer dry thoroughly then apply the spray paint and allow the paint to dry.
Another effective way of repairing dents and damages is by application of boiled linseed oil. This will facilitate the expansion of the rattan which in turn will fill up the cracks. Dip a paintbrush into boiled linseed oil and rub it on the surface. Soak the oil for half an hour or so. Then rub the surfaces with a soft piece of cloth. This aids in increasing the shelf life of the furniture.
While repairing, you must protect yourself with suitable protective gear that includes safety glasses, gloves and dust mask. Dust released while sanding and fumes released from the paint can harm your health.