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Regrouting Shower Tile

Regrouting Shower Tile
When you notice the grout between the shower tiles is cracked or damaged in any way, you need to get it regrouted. Given in this HomeQuicks article is the process of regrouting the tiles, so that your bathroom looks new and perfect.
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Cracked and discolored grout can take away the beauty of the tiles which are used to cover various surfaces in your house. Commonly, this takes place in tiled surfaces of bathrooms, especially the shower area, due to the constant spills of water. Given below are the steps involved in carrying out this home improvement project on your own.
Remove Existing Grout
You need to remove the existing grout using removal tools like a hammer, screw driver, scraper, etc. Using a hammer, gently hit the screwdriver on the grout, to loosen it, and chip off the excess using a scraper. If you want to get done with the entire process faster, invest in a power grinder. Clean out all the debris of the old grout properly using a brush or vacuum cleaner.
Reapplying Grout
Once all the old grout is out, select the new one in the color of your choice. You can go in for matching shades, or completely contrasting ones. Grout is available in dry or pre-mixed form. If you choose the former, then read the manufacturer's instructions careful before you start mixing it. Using a grout float, spread the grout evenly between the tiles, ensuring that no gaps or cracks are left. Hold the float at an angel of about 30 degrees, so that you get the best results. Once all the tiles are filled in, flatten the surface and let it set for about 10 minutes.
Clean the Surface
For removing all the extra grout, use a wet sponge for cleaning grout off tile. Once this is done, let it dry for 2-3 hours before using the shower area.
Examine the grout in your shower area and check if it needs a re-do. Remember that the total cost is sure to be low when you do the job yourself. Follow the steps given above and give the area a fresh new look.
Cleaning Off Excess Tile Grout
Hand Grouting Tile
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