Remove Cat Urine Smell

Do you have constant problems of cats spraying or making stains in the house with their urine, along with that awful stench that you just can't seem to get away from? Continue reading to know how you can remove the smell of cat urine, along with some information about good cleaners and removers for the stain removal.
Removing the strong smell of cat urine from the furniture and the carpets can be a tough job. Well, before you can go shouting at your poor kitten who has just left a puddle on the carpet, remember that cats do not urinate in the house just to annoy their owners. There are a number of reasons why cats stain the walls, carpets, and concrete with their strong urine.

One of the primary reasons for your cat "spraying" urine everywhere is to mark its territory. This is usually done on the walls and the furniture rather than the carpet or the floor. Other reasons for cats urinating everywhere could be improper cat training, diseases, or a bladder infection. Cats and kittens also tend to urinate more when they are stressed. This usually happens when they move house or see unfamiliar faces and even when their litter box is dirty. To effectively remove the cat urine smell from the house, you can try out these simple tips.

How to Remove Cat Urine Smell

Remove Cat Urine Smell From:

Carpet: For removing cat urine smell from the carpets, blot out the stains with paper towels or blotting paper as soon as possible. Now lay additional towels on the stain and press. Repeat this several times so that the urine is completely soaked up. Once you are done with this, use an anti-bacterial stain cleanser to remove the stains and the odor. Clean the carpet with a carpet stain removal cleaner and rinse off with warm water. For dried stains on the carpet, you need to dilute it with warm water before blotting it with paper towels.

Concrete: Taking the stench off the concrete floors can be a tough job, especially when the stains have dried off. Using white vinegar, soak the concrete area for a few minutes. This helps neutralize the urine smell. Now soak up the vinegar with paper towels to remove the excess liquid. Apply and scrub the floor with bleach. If you are worried about the discoloration, then you can try using a detergent. After a few minutes, mop up the detergent or bleach and clean the area with warm water.

Furniture: Furniture upholstery is probably one of the most susceptible places for harboring a bad cat urine odor. For removing the cat urine smell, blot the stains using paper towels. Now sponge the area clean with cold water and blot away the excess water. Clean the area with a cat urine smell remover or a solution of vinegar and water. Apply it to the stain for a few minutes and then clean it off.

Cat Urine Smell Remover

While there are a number of commercial variants available, for effective removal of the stench, you might want to use these simple homemade remedies:
  • Diluted white vinegar is one of the best homemade solutions for the smell removal. Dilute the vinegar to around thirty percent using water. Spray the solution onto the carpets or chair covers to remove the odor and avoid re-occurrence of the cat spraying in the same spot. You should ideally let the vinegar soak in for a couple of minutes before blotting it with a clean cloth.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also considered to be a good odor remover. Dilute the peroxide to around 5% and spray it over the stain. Let it penetrate the surface for around five minutes before blotting it off. For the stronger, more stubborn stains, add some liquid hand washing soap and baking soda into the cleaner. Shake this mixture well before spraying it on the stained surface.
  • While it is not an effective stain remover, baking soda too can reduce the stench of cat urine.
If cat odors and stains are a persistent household problem, then have the cat checked for any infection or other disease. If medical causes are ruled out, then check if the liter box is clean and buy some of the commercial cat repellent sprays to keep the cat from spraying the area again. Make sure that you never use any ammonia-based cleaners to remove the smell as the odor attracts the cat to the area.