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Tips to Remove Adhesive Residue

Tips to Remove Adhesive Residue

Often times we notice that removing adhesive can be a difficult task. Keeping that in mind, this HomeQuicks article elaborates on simple tips and tricks that will help you remove all the sticky debris of glue without too much of a hassle.
HomeQuicks Staff
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2017
Removing the adhesive from any surface can be a sticky problem. If it is on plastic, then soaking the item in warm water is the best solution. Even then, all the residue does not come off, and you will notice a thin layer of it still stuck to the surface, which you will have to lightly scrub off. Even though this is an easy procedure, you may find that it does not work for every type of surface, as different textures need different tricks and removal methods. Given below are tips that work very well in removing all the residue from surfaces with varied textures.

Removing Residue from ...

... Wood

With a house full of children, many times, adhesives gets stuck to wooden furniture and parents have a tough time cleaning after them and removing the sticky residue. However, if you know the correct trick, it will not be a very difficult task. To remove glue from wood or furniture, you will need an oil based product like furniture polish, cooking oil, mineral oil, or baby oil. The best and most effective is furniture polish or baby oil. Dip a clean piece of cloth in the oil and place the it on the affected area and let it saturate the sticker for a while. During this time, the oil penetrates through the glue which makes it easy for you to wipe it and remove off all the stickiness. If you still notice any remains on the wood, then simply repeat the procedure again.

Warm vinegar can also be used for the same purpose. Like with the oil, moisten a clean piece of cloth with warm vinegar and leave it on the adhesive for some time. After some compression, you can wipe the surface clean. Scraping the surface is not recommended, as this method could damage the furniture.

... Skin

If you have a bandage, surgical tape or a sticker on your skin, chances are high, that there will be some glue left on either the folds of your skin or stuck to your hair follicles. Do NOT try to scratch off the remnants with your nails, as your skin can get irritated or inflamed in the process. To remove the adhesive from the skin, take a clean wash cloth and dip it in baby oil. You can also make use of vegetable or almond oil as well. Rub the cloth on the area of the skin which has the residue on it. In gentle circular motion, rub the area for about 15 to 30 seconds, until all of it comes off.

In case you do not have oil, you can also make use of isopropyl alcohol as well. The procedure would be the same as with oil. With the alcohol you will notice, that the residue will come out much faster and very easily.

After you have used any of the above methods, wash the skin with lukewarm water and soap, and pat dry. If there is still some amount of residue left, repeat the procedure again. Once all the glue has come off, apply some moisturizing lotion to soothe your skin.

When you are removing excess glue from any surface, it is recommended you do not scrape the surface, using sharp objects like knives, nail files, or wire scrubs, as they will only cause damage to the surface.