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How to Remove Ink Stains from Leather

How to Remove Ink Stains from Leather

Ink stains on leather can be removed easily at home. The following article provides a stepwise procedure regarding removing ink from leather.
Aastha Dogra
Things to Remember
The leather that we use is basically of three types: suede leather, smooth leather, and vinyl leather. If the suede type has got stained, then you should take it to a professional cleaner, and do not attempt cleaning by yourself. The other two varieties can be cleaned at home.

Fresh ink stains are much easier to clean, as compared to older stains. Leather is a material that is porous, and hence, if ink stains are not removed as soon as possible, ink can pass onto the leather's inner layers, making it very difficult to remove them.

Hair sprays for cleaning should be absolutely avoided, as besides alcohol, which is good for stain removal, there are a number of other ingredients in it, which can prove to be damaging to the leather.

The following is a basic illustrated procedure that can be used for safely removing ink stains from leather items.
Step 1
Ink stain on shoe
For this procedure you will need: isopropyl rubbing alcohol, white cotton cloth, and a good quality conditioner.
Step 2
Ink stain removal
Take a cotton cloth, preferably of while color, and dip it in the isopropyl alcohol. Do not use a dark-colored cloth, as the dye from the same can get transferred to the leather, spoiling it in the process.
Step 3
Removing ink stain
With the cloth, gently rub the stain on the leather. Remember not to rub the cloth on the areas, which are not stained. As far as possible, keep the application of alcohol limited to the stain.
Step 4
Removed Ink Stain
As you rub the cloth, the ink will get transferred to it. The alcohol dampened cloth works as a blotter, and sucks out the ink. If you see that the entire cloth has ink on it, take a fresh one, and repeat the same process, till the ink is completely blotted out.
Step 5
Shoe with dryer
When the ink is removed, air-dry the leather. Afterward, apply conditioner on it, as it helps in keeping the leather smooth and polished by providing enough moisture.
Prior to using this method, it is suggested that you perform a spot test so that the leather does not get discolored or spoiled in any other way. For this, apply rubbing alcohol to some spot on the leather which is not visible from outside. Leave the alcohol on for about fifteen minutes. Afterward, check whether the leather quality and color is intact, if it is, then proceed further, using the above mentioned method.
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