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Repairing Plaster Walls

Repairing Plaster Walls
Repairing plaster walls may seem like a daunting task, but it is not that hard to do at home. Read this article to know how to repair plaster walls.
Rimlee Bhuyan
After spending a lot of money and effort in remodeling your house, unslightly cracks and chips on your wall mars the look of your room. Although these cracks are not due to any structural flaw of the building, they can look quite bad, particularly if they cover large areas. Repairing these unslightly cracks becomes very important to preserve the look of your home. One way to repair plaster walls and ceilings is to apply a filler inside and around the cracks and then painting the area with a matching paint as the rest of the wall.
Repairing Corners of Plaster Walls
The first place that the plaster generally chips off are the corners of walls. The plaster usually chips off by knocks and scrapes. These chipped plasters can mar the look of the room and so it is necessary to repair plaster walls. All you need to carry out this project is a suitable plastic filler. The first step to repair plaster walls that have been chipped at the corner is to start by brushing of the damaged area. This is done in order to dislodge all dirt and dust.
Use a water sprayer or a moistened paint brush to gently moisten the area taking care that you don't soak the plaster completely. Now with the help of a wide bladed filler knife, apply a thick coat of filler in the damaged area. Ensure that while applying the filler there are no voids left on the surface and the area is completely covered. Make the surface even by rubbing the underside of the filler knife on both sides of the corner.
Once the filler begins to harden, moisten your finger with water to form a rounded corner on the edges. The filler that is used for repairing the plaster wall may require several applications as it shrinks after hardening. Between each application of filler on the corners, gently sand the area with a piece of sandpaper and moisten the surface after every application.
How to Repair Plaster Walls with Drywall
For repairing plaster walls that have a small hole, you can use the method that is given below. For this you will require, drywall compound, blunt knife and sandpaper. First remove any excess debris and dirt along the edges of the hole and then make a thick mixture of the drywall compound with water. Do not make the compound too thin or it will not adhere to the wall. Now apply the compound to the hole with the help of the blunt knife in a swift semi circular motion. Spread it evenly, taking care to leave a smooth texture that merges with the rest of the wall. Allow the drywall compound to dry for more than 24 hours.
Sand the area with the sandpaper to make it smooth and free of bumps and ridges. Now paint the area with a color that exactly matches the rest of the wall. For repairing plaster walls that have a larger hole, you can buy a piece of drywall or sheetrock. Take out the old section of drywall with the help of a blunt knife, ensuring that the old metallic studs of the wall are still exposed. Now cut out the new drywall section and fasten it to the exposed metal studs. Seal the seams of the new drywall section with drywall tape and gently tap it with the back of the blunt knife.
Now apply a thin amount of the compound along the edges of the drywall and tape. Let it dry for about an hour and again apply a thick coat of drywall compound. After around 24 hours, the compound will have completely dried. With the help of sandpaper, sand down the area of the wall to make it smooth. Now apply two coats of paint and your wall will be as good as new.
So now that you know how to repair plaster walls, you can fix any cracks that appear on the walls of your house. The cost of repairing plaster walls is considerable so it is a good idea to know how to repair plaster walls.
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