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Robot Vacuums Guides: What You Need to Know

Zoey Fawell Jan 10, 2020
A robot vacuum cleaner is an automatic robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors without you needing to manually move it. This cleaning system is perfect for people with busy lives or people with children and pets who make lots of messes.

How Robot Vacuums Work

Robot vacuums run off of a self-navigation system. They are equipped with boundaries, so you can set boundaries in your home that the vacuum will not go into.
The sensors in the vacuum are able to pick up environmental cues and give the room better and faster clean. They are able to clean the whole floor surface area because they create a cleaning path based on the room’s set-up.
Also, most of them are self-charged. When the battery is low, it will automatically go to its charging station and recharge all on its own. Once they are fully charged, they go back to their cleaning cycle.

Benefits Of Robot Vacuums

Easy To Use:

Robot vacuums are extremely easy to use. Since it is programmed to clean floors on their own without needing someone to control it manually, it practically runs itself. It has been updated throughout the years, so it has the most modern technology for the best clean possible.

Saves Time:

Robot vacuums save you tons of time. It runs by itself, so you don’t need to pay any mind to what it is doing. It allows for more multi-tasking which gives you time to get more done than you would if you had to use a manual vacuum. In fact, you don’t even need to be present when the vacuum is operating.

Small And Compact:

Since robot vacuums are relatively small in size, they are incredibly easy to store. Normal vacuums are bulky in size, they can be quite difficult to store. Robot vacuums can easily be stored in closets, cupboards, or pretty much anywhere.

Able To Vacuum Hard-To-Reach Spaces:

The small design is able to vacuum hard-to-reach spaces such as corners and other small areas. Additionally, they are able to clean underneath furniture, which is something that is much more difficult to do with a normal vacuum cleaner.


A normal vacuum is powered by a cord plugged into the wall which can be a hassle for numerous reasons. It is a hazard for children and animals, sometimes it is not long enough, and you don’t need to worry about it getting tangled.

Who Benefits From Using A Robot Vacuum?

Robot vacuums can truly benefit anyone’s daily routine simply because it allows people more time to do other things in their day. In other words, taking vacuuming off of the chore list clears space to do something else.
However, there are some people who benefit from robot vacuums specifically because of their functionality.

Elderly And Handicapped:

People with mobility issues, such as the elderly or handicapped, are not able to easily get around in order to clean properly. Using a manual vacuum puts physical stress on the body. For someone with a mobility issue, having a robot vacuum would take the stress away from physically getting up to clean.

People With A Busy Schedule:

People with a busy schedule or that work a lot often do not have time to indulge in hobbies or cook homemade meals - let alone spend time deep cleaning their space. A robot vacuum is optimal for people with busy lives since you do not have to be present while a robot vacuum is operating.

People With Kids and/or Pets:

Kids and pets easily make messes in no time. It can difficult to keep up with cleaning up after all of their messes time and time again. Therefore, a robot vacuum would be perfect for these people because they are able to constantly move on a fixed schedule.

Which Robot Vacuum Should I Buy?

There are tons of robot vacuums on the market today. It can seem difficult and overwhelming to choose one that is reliable and suitable for your needs.
My recommendation is the Neato Robotics Botvac D Series.

This robot vacuum uses specialized LaserSmart technology in order to achieve the most effective clean. It is able to thoroughly clean the set space in your time in a speedy time due to how it is programmed to work.
Like most other robot vacuums, this one is able to clean on multiple surfaces. For example, it efficiently cleans on surfaces such as wood, tile, and carpet. It comes with an included brush that makes it quieter to clean on hard surfaces like wood and carpet.
You are able to stop, start, and spot clean areas that need to be cleaned. Also, you can schedule cleanings to happen at certain times. For example, if you want your robot clean to operate while you are away, you can schedule it to do so.
This robot vacuum charges itself automatically. It is able to clean up to 3000 square feet of floor space without needing to recharge. The ‘D’ shape of this robot vacuum makes it easy and effective at cleaning small areas and corners.

Wrapping Up

Robot vacuums have been updating and getting much more efficient in current years. They are slowly but surely making their way into people’s homes and they make multitasking much easier.
They save time, save space, and are more efficient than normal, manual vacuums. Also, they are beneficial for pretty much everyone in some way. For anyone wondering if buying a robot vacuum is worth it, the answer is yes.