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Helpful Tips to Repair Roof

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 24, 2018
When there is some localized damage to the roof, you can definitely repair it on your own. Here, you will find some valuable roof repair tips.
Roof is an essential structure of the home that provides you protection from harsh weather conditions. These weather elements are ultimately responsible for untimely deterioration of the roof condition. A damage in the roof does not mean that it has to be replaced with a new one, nor should you ignore it and defer the repair work.
Even a small damage on the surface of the roof has the potential of weakening the entire building structure. Moreover, if you carry out the repair work on a small area, the cost will be much lesser than any serious problems.
The main problem areas of the roof are the chimney, joining lines of two roofs, flashing, etc. Any minor or major damage in these areas leads to leakages. Other problems that cause leakages are cracks in the shingles, missing shingles, formation of blisters or cracks on the roof, installation defect in the house siding, etc.

Repairing Cracks

When the gutters of the roof are not working properly, it leads to clogging of water on the roof. The pool of water damages the surface of the roof, which results in blisters and cracks developing on it.
The first step of repairing these cracks is to soak up all the water with the help of absorbent materials and cloths. Inspect the roofing carefully to identify the exact location of the damage. Remove the loosely-bound debris from the crack with the help of a knife. Do not dig too deep into the surface to prevent any further damage.
As you remove the debris, you will find that water has accumulated under it. Drain out this water and let the area get dried up completely. Then, take some roof cement, apply it on the affected area, and seal it properly.

Repairing Shingles

Roofing shingles are prone to damage due to bad weather and storms. This repair work is slightly more complicated than the one above, so you have to comply with the repair tips meticulously.
To mend the shingles, you require some roof repair materials, like roofing cement, aluminum flashing, and a flat pry bar. The width of the flashing should be 1 inch lesser than that of the damaged strip of the shingle, and the length should be 4 inches more than it. Take the required measurement of the shingle and cut the flashing accordingly.
Then, you have to loosen up the damaged strip and the adjacent strips on both of its sides with the help of pry bar. Apply some roofing cement below the shingle where the flashing has to be placed. Insert the flashing under the shingle and put some more cement above it. Finally, put some pressure on the shingle to get it attached to the flashing properly.


Safety is of primary concern when you are repairing the roof of your house by yourself. Do not walk on the roof for the repair work, as it can not only damage the structure further, but it could also be fatal if you fall down. Therefore, it is better to reach the roof by climbing a ladder.
Choose a good quality, sturdy ladder for this purpose and secure it properly to your house. You should wear non-slip shoes with rubber soles while carrying out the repair job. It is always advisable to keep a partner with you so that in case anything goes wrong, he/she can help you out. Avoid working on the roof after a snow or rain.
If there is an extensive damage to the roof of your house then it is recommended not to try the repair work on your own, as it can cause more harm to the roof if you cannot repair it properly. Hire a good professional who is capable of addressing the issue in a much better manner.