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Safest Cleaning Methods for Children and Pets

Carol Evenson Nov 7, 2019
If you have children or pets, it can be a challenge to find cleaning solutions to make sure your home stays spotless, while avoiding ingredients that can harm those smaller than you. Here are some wonderful tips for keeping your house clean without worrying about tiny or furry friends.

Put Together a Homemade Mixture

One of the best ways to guarantee that you know your solution is not harmful is to make one yourself. This way, you know and can identify every single ingredient that goes into it. For a good cleaner that functions great in kitchens and bathrooms, try mixing baking soda and vinegar and wiping down cabinets, countertops, and floors accordingly.
To freshen up your carpet, combine essential oils for their therapeutic properties, Borax, and baking soda. For carpet stains, a solution of dish soap and baking soda, when set, can do wonders, without affecting your children or pets negatively.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Another method to take the worry out of keeping your home clean is to employ professionals. For instance, if your carpets need to be cleaned, a simple internet search for the best carpet cleaning companies in your area can provide you with a list of providers, as well as their rates and availability.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Having a professional team deep clean the area of attention and also use preventive measures to keep the problem from growing back quickly can eliminate the need to clean the area as much, and maintenance is usually relatively simple and less time-consuming. You can simply take your children and pets out for a day of fun and come back to a clean house.

Read Labels Carefully

If you need a product that is more heavy duty than a simple homemade mixture, it is pertinent to educate yourself on ingredients that could be potentially damaging to pets. Many toxins are not as noticeable, but can still cause negative effects. Some of the most well-known chemicals that can cause problems are ammonia and chlorine.
Additionally, a product that is labeled as environmentally friendly, or "green," can still contain toxins and harmful chemicals. Be sure to memorize some of the most common toxins and be aware of them when you are shopping for cleaning products while at the store.

Use Products Designed for Pets

Most products that are safe for pets are also safe for children. Pet stains, such as urine and vomit, are sometimes very tough to get out, so cleaners that are specifically designed to remove these types of messes can work on many other types as well. Natural ingredients like baking soda are ideal for getting the smell out of carpets and other surfaces.
There is a surprising amount of cleaning products that are not safe for pets, so it is always a safe bet to look for cleaners that are specifically made for your furry friends. This way, you do not have to worry about your pets ingesting toxic ingredients or inhaling fumes that can cause unknown issues with their internal systems.

Get It All Done

Sometimes, using cleaning solutions that are possibly dangerous is inevitable because of the problems you may be experiencing. If you want to clean your entire house in one day, you can. You can send your children and pets somewhere, such as a relative's home, or out with your spouse, and buckle down in order to tackle the most difficult spots.
Make a list of places that need the most attention or heavy duty cleaners, and work on those first, following up with spot cleaning and areas that require less work. For tasks that take longer, such as laundry, alternate putting loads in the washer and dryer while completing other tasks.
Finding methods for cleaning your home that are safe for children and pets does not have to be a challenge. With these tips, you can have a clean house without stressing about exposing them to hazardous elements.