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Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Easy Steps to Fix Minor and Major Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Wondering how to repair those scratches on hardwood floors? Here are some quick fix ideas for small and large scratches.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017
Hardwood flooring adds the ultimate look and warmth to your house. This flooring might get scratched and end up looking unattractive, even if the scratches are small, these might get noticed when light falls on them. The flooring easily get scratched due to various reasons like moving or dragging the furniture or placing heavy furniture without proper padding under the legs for a long duration. So, how to fix scratches on hardwood floors is a question that many ask. Here are some ways to fix those scratches and restore their beauty.
Minor Scratches
Such scratches might not have penetrated deep inside. The flooring has a protective coating. With a minor scratch, it is possible that just this coating is damaged and the flooring is safe. You can examine the scratch carefully and check the color you see inside the scratch. Is it lighter than that of your floor? If yes, the wood is damaged, else it's minor. In case the scratch is minor here's what you need to do.
Step 1
Start spot sanding with a sandpaper. Just sand the scratches lightly. Remember that you have to perform spot sanding so do not sand the area around the scratch.
Step 2
Now apply the same protective coating using a thin brush or a sponge. Reapplication of this coating will keep the floor safe.
Step 3
If the scratch has slightly stripped off the color or finish, you can buy color or varnish matching the color of the floor. Apply this using a brush or q-tip and then apply the coating. Now finish this task by buffing it with soft cotton cloth after a few minutes.
Major Scratches
If the scratch is a major one you need to follow a few more steps to restore the hardwood flooring.
Step 1
Take a fine sandpaper and start sanding the scratch and area around it. Make sure that you sand the entire scratch from one end to other and some extra area around it as well.
Step 2
Take mineral spirits and dampen a washcloth with this. Use the damp cloth to rub the sanded area. This will clean the area and remove all the particles left behind due to sanding.
Step 3
Now take a scratch remover solution available in the market in various varieties. Apply it carefully on the scratched area. This might take time to dry. Wait until it dries completely.
Step 4
Next you will have to take a finish or varnish matching the color of your floor and a fine paint brush. Apply the finish on the scratched area carefully without overlapping strokes. Let it dry before applying the next coat. The color might appear different after drying, so you can decide whether you want to apply the next coat.
Step 5
Finish by applying a protective coating on the finished floors. Let it dry properly. Buff the floor to have a new looking surface.
For repairing the floor, you can just buy a repair kit available in most of the home improvement or hardware supplies stores. Regular hardwood floor care and protection will help keep it away from major scratches. If you want to cover the scratches, just get a stylish rug or carpet runner, depending upon the area that is scratched, and place them to give a smart look to the flooring.