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12 Safe and Secret Places to Hide Your Precious Valuables at Home

12 Secret Places to Hide Your Valuables at Home
Do you think a safe vault in your bedroom is the best place to keep all your cash and jewelry secure? When the thieves ransack your house, especially the bedroom, spaces underneath the bed and couches, and simply throw away the cushions and pillows, small pockets stitched using a soft material would be the safest place for any of your dear possessions.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Quick Tip!
Avoid storing your valuables in a safe, jewelry box, wardrobe drawer, or any such 'storage utility'.
When it comes to the security of your house, you don't wanna take a chance. You would have the best-in-the-market security systems installed. Another way to keep your things secure is to keep them in a safe. With these expensive solutions however, you still never know if they are really safe or not.

So let the anti-theft systems do their work, while we try to find some smart ways to deceive the burglars out there, if in case they somehow enter your house. For that, you would need to think as if you are planning to rob your own house. The moment you start in that direction, you would realize how obviously you have placed your most valuable stuff in the most obvious places! So, begin with changing their places around. Help yourselves with the following 12 secret locations, where you can keep your money, jewelry, important documents, or even something like a gun.
Great Places to Hide Valuables in Your House
Bathroom utilities
Inside Home Cleaning Material
Who would go to the laundry area to look for cash and diamonds? Of course, nobody would. This is why you can safely put in some of your money (wrapped in polythene) into old detergent bottles. Even more secretive if it's a spray bottle!
Trash Can
In a Fake Trash Can
Something that can be hardly noticed in case a robber enters your kitchen, would be the trash can. A fake garbage bin can be always kept handy and placed near a cabinet whenever you leave the house. While going out, you can transfer some of your precious belongings into this trash can. Don't forget to neatly wrap it in a bag though, so that it remains precious to you even later when you pull it out.
Money in Sock
Inside an Old Sock
It isn't Christmas or New Year's Eve to gift yourself a treasure in a sock. Nevertheless, a sock is another secret place to keep you treasures safe. It is not something anyone would like to see (or touch!) even out of curiosity, forget plunder.
Storage Behind Bathroom Tiles
Behind Bathroom Tiles
Right when you are tiling the walls in your bathroom, you can ask for a tailor-made drawer-like opening to be provided. It will have to be in the shape of the tile, like a square for instance. The design can be such that, only you know how to open that tile, and which one, because they all would appear the same to others. You don't expect things to be stolen from here, for sure.
Coffee Container in Kitchen
In a Coffee Container
The kitchen area would most probably be ignored, unless the burglar is so hungry that he hunts for food even in the minuscule time that he has. So, storing your expensive jewelry in something like a coffee container would be a great idea. Besides, because of its small size, it is not the first thing to be spotted easily.
Valuables in Old Jeans
In an Old Ripped Jeans
You might have accidentally come across a $10 bill in the rear pocket of your jeans, and no wonder, you must be very happy about it too. It is not at all a bad option to keep some cash in the pockets of one of your old ripped jeans. Another option would be a shirt that is old enough to be thrown away, but you simply cannot. Old and torn clothes would be easily ignored.
Valuables in Air Vents
Behind the Air Vents
Fake air vent storage units can be installed in the hallway, or especially near the ceilings, which are places that would be least doubted. You can make a nice and cozy home for your valuables on the inner side of the vent. Or, you can simply cut out an opening in the wall that fits a vent over itself, and generously stash some cash in there.
Money Stored in Book
In a Big Fat Old Book
This simply is an old trick that happens to work every time, because only you would know which volume of the series is hollow. Dollars just love to stay in there and feel at home. Seriously, many people do actually use it like a box to keep precious ornaments, such as earrings and necklaces.
Money Stored Behind the Mirror
Behind the Mirror
One of the safest places for your highly-priced stuff is the area behind the mirror. It could be in your bedroom or bathroom, or anywhere else too. You can furnish the mirror into a door that opens on the outside, or like a sliding pane. Anything can go into this 'rear-view' closet, be it important papers, cash, passport, or jewelry. The same trick can be used with huge paintings or frames that hang on the walls of your living room.
Valuables in Old Boots
In Old Boots
Just like those old clothes you cannot do away with, you might have a pair of old shoes. Roll up the money or documents, tie them up with a rubber band, place them at the bottom of your shoe, and your job is done!
Glass jar in soil with money
In the Garden
As has been so far experienced and observed, theft is an in-house affair. Burglars would not go into your garden to look for money. Thus, your valuables can certainly be secure with this old 'grandma' trick. Dig into the soil in the backyard, and make a deep enough pit. Put in all your valuables there, either boxed up in a container or loosely wrapped in a bag, and cover it back up.
You can definitely be very CREATIVE with where you want to put all your valuable stuff. Still, here is a small addition to the list:

- In the refrigerator - covered up in a plastic bag or with lettuce.

- In customized cabinets on the sides of the bathtub.

- Behind the electrical outlets (as no burglar would risk checking there).

- Behind any closed, circular closet lights.

- Below the potted plants in the kitchen.

- In a small pill bottle underneath a rock in your garden.

- By making small hollow spaces in the frames of doors and windows (only if you are very sure about your carpentry skills).

- Rolling up dollar bills and putting them in empty soda cans.

The exterior spaces of a house, including the pipes, vents, roofs, chimneys, etc., can make for the best secret places too. Also, make sure that you are hiding your own stuff, and nothing illegal. Basically, let's just try not to make it obvious. Simple as that.