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How to Clean a Self-Cleaning Oven

Medha Godbole May 10, 2019
Self-cleaning ovens are very convenient as one does not have to do much when it comes to cleaning off all the debris of food. These ovens save time and effort, which makes them very popular with people who have a busy schedule.
Among the types of ovens available in the market, self-cleaning ones are most preferred, as they are very easy and convenient to use and clean. The bast part about these ovens is that one does not have to spend numerous hours and too much effort into cleaning them.
You just have to clear out whatever there is inside the oven, set a temperature of 900°F or 500°C, and wait for about 3 hours for the cleaning process to get over. The instructions to be followed are elucidated here.

Manually Empty the Oven

Take out the oven racks, foil, and anything else which can be removed from the oven. Remember to not spray or apply anything to the inner part of the oven to clean it. In case you want to leave the racks during the cleaning, you would need to use vegetable oil to wipe them and restore their luster.

Set the Temperature

Check the manual for the temperature and settings for the self cleansing process. The heat, needless to say, is on the extreme in these self cleaning ovens and this cycle lasts for around 3 hours. It is advised that you do not stay in the house while the process is ongoing.
The heat is meant and designed to burn the grease, dirt, and debris to ash. Lock the door manually before you set it on clean and open the window for the smoke and the burning smell to go out. The more the leftovers, the more the smoke and amount of ash.
As the oven has to be heated at a very high temperature, it is a good idea to run the self cleaning cycle and follow the instructions early in the morning or late evening to avoid the energy consumption by the air conditioner during the day.

Finishing Touches

Once the cleaning cycle is over, it will take a couple of hours to cool down. Once the oven has completely cooled down, take a soft, damp cloth or sponge and wipe the ash from the inner part of the oven. This step is very important, therefore it should be done well.
Keep in mind that areas around the seals and the exterior door would not be a part of the cleaning process, so these portions have to be manually cleaned. Regular cleaning of these areas will avoid building up of dirt and leftovers in the oven. Applying hydrogen peroxide on a soft cloth, and then wiping these parts of the oven is a good option.
These self cleaning ovens are insulated well, hence they are energy efficient and environment friendly. You will need to clean the oven depending on the frequency of its usage, Usually those using this machine regularly need to clean it every month, and for irregular users, cleaning the oven once in 3 months is recommended.
Keep your pets and birds out of the house while cleaning the oven, as the fumes can prove to be harmful for your pets as they have a sensitive respiratory system.