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Setting Up the Ultimate Home Theater Room

Transform your home into an entertainment place for the whole family to enjoy.
William Brown Dec 04, 2019


A family home isn’t truly complete without a great home theater. Everyone loves watching movies and it’s a great opportunity to bond with your family.

Setting up the ultimate home theater room might seem like a daunting task, so we’ve put together this guide to help you along! So, let's start!


Perhaps one of the most important elements of your home theater room would be selecting the right display. Your options here would be either a standard TV set, smart TV, video projector, or an outdoor TV (if you’re wanting to create an outdoor home theatre).

This choice is largely a personal one and it's also based on what your budget is.

Speaker Options

Next on the list is acoustics. Having the ultimate home theatre means having the ultimate speaker setup. You also have a variety of options to choose from and we’d recommend a variety of speaker types for the ultimate surround-sound experience.

The most simple, fuss-free option would be to purchase a home theatre system.

Speaker Options

These usually include a variety of speakers including satellite speakers, a subwoofer and also often a soundbar too.

There are different home theater systems available depending on your home theater room size and they also come complete with a compatible receiver too.
Other options include in-wall and in-ceiling speakers (can be seen on this website). These are great for creating a clutter-free theater room void of unsightly wires and cables.
They sit flush against your wall or ceiling and can also be painted to match the room. They provide good audio quality and aesthetics, taking your home theater to the next level.

Speaker Placement

Once you’ve decided on your speaker setup, you’ll need to set them up correctly for a complete surround sound experience.  The most common setup is a 5.1 channel surround sound setup, or alternatively a 7.1 channel speaker placement.

5.1 Channel Speaker Placement

For this option, you’ll need 5 speakers, plus a subwoofer. They should be placed as follows with a TV/Screen:
  • Front Center Channel - Directly in front, either above or below.
  • Subwoofer - Left or right.
  • Left and Right Main Speakers - 30 degrees from the center speaker. 
  • Surround Speakers - Roughly 90 - 110 degrees from the center speaker, elevated above ear level

7.1 Channel Speaker Placement

For this option you’ll need 7 speakers, plus a subwoofer:
  • Front Center Channel - Same as 5.1 channel setup.
  • Subwoofer - Same as 5.1 channel setup.
  • Left and Right Main Speakers - Same as 5.1 channel setup.
  • Left and Right Surround - Should be placed to the left and right side of the listening position.
  • Rear and Back Surround - Should be behind the listening position, slightly to the left and right. Place these speakers at roughly 140 - 150 degrees from the front center speaker. These speakers can be elevated above ear level.


Theater sofa sets usually allow each individual seat to recline. They also come complete with cup holders and sometimes even snack trays too. If your family comprises of small kids a great tip would be to also include a few smaller bean bag chairs too for your busybodies. Alternatively, giant bean bags are also great for cuddling on date night too!

Remote Control Systems

Nobody wants to have to get up from their seats to change any sound settings. So having a remote control is a no-brainer. Invest in a universal remote to control all of your home theater elements.

Bonus points if you connect your AC and lighting to it too!


When it comes to home theaters, you want to go for ambient lighting options. Any hanging light fixtures or lamps could reflect the screen and impact your viewing experience. The lighting should be subtle and should be able to dim.

However, it should also be able to fully illuminate the room as well (for cleaning and other activities).
Having a variety of lighting options, depending on the size of your room, is the best options.

Here you can choose between ambient wall or table lamps (with opaque shades), LED floor lighting, and bright downlights in your ceiling for cleaning and other activities.


So in conclusion; following these easy steps will ensure that you'll maximize the fun and have the setup you've always dreamed of having. 

So get going and get rolling with the movies!