Sewage Smell in the House

People who are tired of smell of sewage in the house will find this article very useful. It is disguising and causes a lot of discomfort for people living in the surrounding area. So let's see what are its causes and treatments.
HomeQuicks Staff
Last Updated: Jun 8, 2018
Bad odor is not accepted anywhere and it's a total no-no in a beautiful house. There's only one thing that causes bad odor, except for pet waste and stale dead meat, i.e., sewage. It is one of the most common water pollution problems that average Americans face on daily basis.
This smell should never be ignored, as it could actually lead to a broken drainage pipe which can actually cause a lot of discomfort if not treated right away at the right time.
Raw sewage smell in the house is common in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Often, raw sewage is the liquid waste accumulated in house. It's filled with various contaminants and causes a lot of health problems if left untreated.
It often contains human waste and other perishable products that are useless. These things are often flushed through the toilet. However, it sometimes also gets mixed with industrial water and various other pollutants, causing a big choke in the drainage system of the house.
Sometimes, it also enters the watershed, causing more health problems. This pollutes the surrounding environment and causes risk to the well-being of the inhabitants.
If there is water pollution in the house, then people living in the house are prone to various diseases like cholera, malaria, jaundice, and hepatitis A.
Sewage Odor in Rains
Sewage can be a tough problem to solve, but it's certainly not impossible. In most cases, sewer gas is created by the rotting of waste materials which are found in private and public sewage systems. This odor is toxic and can be quite frustrating. It's necessary that you fix this problem right away, as the gas contains methane, which is highly explosive.
Make sure that you use good drainage septic systems that can keep the waste water from leaking. Plumbing fixtures are broken due to the force of rainwater. So, it's always necessary that you check your drains for cracks at regular intervals. Don't get lazy in repairing small cracks on the drain pipes, as sometimes, these small cracks can cause big problems.
Sewage Odor in Basement
Basement is a rarely visited place where you keep all the unused stuff. All the drainage pipes of the houses end up underground. Many houses often complain about sewage smell coming from the basement. If you are also experiencing the same, here are some reasons.
  • You normally have a water trap under the drain, which dries out fast if not used enough. This causes the sewer gas to rise and spread in the basement. You can treat this by pouring water in the trap. You can also add in a little bit of cooking oil so that the water doesn't drain fast the next time.
  • Make sure that your floor drain still has the clean-out plug. You can check this by removing the grate that covers the opening to make sure that the plug is intact. Make sure that you also consider doing basement waterproofing.
  • Another main reason could be improper wax ring. This ring, if not properly fixed, can leak out water in the basement. With this leak, sewage smell will spread all around the house.
  • Another common reason is a cracked sewer line or a loose connection of the pipes. It's better to start investigating to make sure you crack this problem.
It is always advised that you call a professional if you think your house is suffering from a sewage problem and not attempt the repairs yourself.