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Factors to Consider When Buying Shower Door Replacement Parts

If you are on a roll to upgrade or replace your shower door, perhaps shower door replacement parts is something you will need to look for. So what are the different factors to consider while buying replacement parts? This article will tell you all about it.
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
We, at times, cannot keep an account on the usage of our shower enclosure in one whole day, and perhaps it is pretty obvious that shower enclosures, particularly shower doors, are the most utilized item in our daily lives. If the door is appropriately installed along with the right size, design and color, it literally enhances the elegance and charm of a bathroom décor. Now if this piece of item does good to us in so many ways, it is our job to maintain it and clean it occasionally. In a bathroom, we usually clean the flooring, wipe the shelves, and wash the tiles and so on, but never bother to clean the accumulated dust and dirt on the doors and its fixtures. Due to this reason, soon there is a depreciation in the value of the door, wherein, the rollers and seals that are used to hold the door wear out quickly. And thereafter, slowly all the parts begin to degrade and appear nonfunctional. When such a condition arouses, all we can do is look out for shower door replacement parts that are of utmost necessity.
Today, just to improve the look of a shower enclosure and sustain the life of shower doors for years to come, the replacement parts for the door are available in a mixed bag of choices, styles, colors and designs. This is a modern age of interior designing and fashion, and thus expecting a variety shouldn't sound strange. Shower doors itself are available in plenty of varieties, such as glass doors which have a frosted appearance, metal frames with probably a smoky glass at the center or sturdy wood or oak to give the enclosure an elegant appearance. With such umpteen choices in hand, the replacement parts too, are obtainable in special parts. Each shower door is differently constructed and so manufacturers produce parts, which can be comfortably utilized on that particular brand. If by any chance, you attempt to fit the hardware and parts onto a mismatched door, there are chances you might break the door or cramp it awkwardly. So the best thing is to avoid all these hassles and delve further into the content below to read the different considerations when you are set to buy the replacement parts.
Considerations When Buying Replacement Parts for a Shower Door
• The first consideration you should make is, purchasing replacement parts for the entire door, once and for all. Of course, at first, you might want to consider the replacement cost if you plan to buy a bunch of parts. If the option is turning out to be very expensive, it's safe that you stick with replacing the part which is busted. But if purchasing a bunch of parts isn't pricing you an arm and a leg, go for replacing all the parts in your shower door. This way, you can be stress-free for years to come.
• Another aspect to consider is that these parts are replaced depending on the type of door you have. There are generally two main kinds: framed and frameless shower door and hence each of 'em needs specific parts.
  • Framed doors again, have two sub-categories: rolling and hinges. If you are planning to replace parts on framed doors, then you might even have to consider hardware accessories like, knobs, gaskets, seal, sweeps, handles, guide, shims and so on.
  • On the other hand, frameless doors relatively require less replacement parts. The word 'frameless' clearly indicates that there is no frame on the glass door and hence is prone to get damaged more quickly, because the parts are directly installed in the glass.
In general, when we speak about replacement parts, the most usual ones we come across are catches, rollers, bumpers and guides. Other parts like hinges, door knobs and handles are inclusive too.
Problems Encountered with Shower Door Parts
  • Let's start with this: If your shower door refuses to open and close smoothly at all, plus shows no friction in the process, definitely there is a problem with the rollers installed in the mechanism. You need to check 'em out and replace it accordingly.
  • The ease and smoothness of doors exhibited during the operation is mainly due to bumps and guides installed in the door. If these parts have gone kaput, all the fluency would be lost and you might even experience jerking while opening the door.
  • Lastly, the role of the catches and hinges is to hold the door in a fixed position. If there is a crunching sound from the door, you will probably need oiling. But still if the noise refuses to vanish, get new spare parts and fix them as old for new.
The replacement parts are available in many styles and finishes so that they can suit your bathroom décor the way you want to have them. And not only that, today, there is a wide choice of customizing the hardware accessories as per your need. So, with these multiple options to expend, I suppose you shouldn't have any problem in replacing old for new!
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