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All You Need to Know About Shower Heads for Low Pressure Water

Shower Heads for Low Pressure Water
If your area has low pressure water, then you need to install a shower head that is suitable for low water pressure. You can install models like single shower head, hand handle shower head, or low flow shower head.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2018
One of the major considering factors while installing a new shower head is the water pressure in your area. If you are staying in a locality where the pressure is relatively low, obviously you will have a less satisfying shower. The situation is quite frustrating, especially if you are taking bathe after a long tiring day. Also, you will end up taking longer shower and wasting more water. To solve such issues, check out the shower head options suited for low pressure water, and features you should look for while selecting one for your home.
How to Select a Shower Heads for Low Pressure Water
It is to be noted that not all shower heads are suitable for a low pressure water flow. However, low water pressure in the shower can be caused due to genuine problems in the unit. So, before you choose and buy new ones, check for common malfunctions in the existing fixture. Look for any blockage in the screen; this is the most common issue with majority of the complaints of low pressure water flow. There may be sediment buildup in the screen, which is causing low water pressure.
You can simply use a toothbrush to clear the holes or remove the parts for complete cleaning, but make sure that you fix them correctly. If the screen is clear and still you are facing the problem of low pressure, then it is time to replace the unit. You can opt for hand held shower heads and single function shower heads. The configuration of such models is simple with less restriction of water flow, thus maintaining the desirable water pressure.
Many people misunderstand about low pressure of water flow from the shower heads. The fact is that there are certain regulations about the flow of water from the shower heads. Hence, in many of the models sold in the United States, there is a flow restrictor fixed on the inside of the shower head. Removing this part will increase the velocity of the water flow from the shower head. You can unscrew the head and pull the plastic restrictor to remove it. If you are installing a new shower head, you can purchase low flow shower head units.
Earlier, these models of bathroom shower heads had restricted water flow because of blocking some amount of water. The latest low flow shower heads do not have this feature. Such models have special orifices that control the water droplets or the flow of water. You can select one from the two types of low flow shower heads, namely, aerating and non-aerating. In the former case, the water flow is soft and bubbly, directed properly along with mixing of air to create the desired pressure. Whereas, in the latter model, air is not mixed with the water stream, thus giving a massaging effect to the skin.
An alternative to new fixation of a low shower head is to convert the existing shower head. It may cost less than USD 15 to covert the current head into a low flow unit. Low flow shower heads not only create ideal water flow pressure, but also save water to about 40 percent in comparison to other shower head models. Another option of shower heads in case of low pressure water is selecting a model with small orifices, rather than the ones with bigger water holes. With such a shower head, the velocity of flow of water will automatically increase, even though the water pressure in your area is comparatively low.
It is estimated that about 22 percent of the total household water is contributed by using shower heads alone. Hence, installation of a correct shower head will save water in the long run. While shopping for shower heads, make sure that you consider other factors like bathroom design, water flow of the shower head, and height of family members who will be using the shower head. If it is shared by people with different heights, including the kids as well, you can opt for models such as hand held shower head, dual shower head, and slide bar shower head.
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