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Shower Pan: Panel Installation

Shower Pan: Panel Installation
A shower pan is the pan beneath the shower floor. Installing a shower panel is easy, and you can do it yourself. This article takes you through the steps.
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A shower pan is a waterproof pan that is placed beneath the concrete base of floor tiles of a shower. This pan helps to prevent leaks.
Tools and Supplies Required
  • Plumber putty
  • 5-gallon empty bucket
  • Mixing stick
  • ¼-½ inch grooved trowel
  • Shims
  • Water
  • Level
  • Thin-set mortar
Preparing Site for Installation
  • First, open the shower pan and inspect for any kind of damage.
  • Now, move it to the installation site if there is no sign of damage.
  • Clean and scrape the floor of the shower pan alcove, ensuring that the space is free from debris. This is done in order to allow proper adhesion with the thin-set mortar.
  • To ensure that the pan and the panels fit properly, measure the size of the alcove.
  • Now, fit the pan in the alcove as a trial, and make sure that the location of the drain lines up properly with the shower pan. Use the level on the pan to check if it is even on the floor. Use shims to level the pan in the alcove, and remember to note the shims locations before removing the pan.
  • Lift the pan in the alcove and lean it on the back wall, taking care to remove any shims that were used. Doing this will ease the installation process and enable you to apply the thin-set without having to remove the pan from the alcove.
Installation Steps
  • The first step is to install the drain in the shower pan.
  • Then, apply the plumber's putty around the brass drain flange, insert the brass drain into the pan, install the rubber washer into the paper gasket from the back, and finally secure the drain with the brass flange nut.
  • Now, use the grooved trowel to mix and apply the thin-set mortar to the floor and spread the mixture to achieve a depth that is necessary to fill the holes in the floor, and allow the pan to sit evenly.
  • Replace the shims in the proper location, and set the pan into place. Do make sure that the pan is resting evenly on the shims and the mortar.
  • Check each side of the pan that will have a panel attached to it, and ensure that there is a 3/16 inch clearance between the extreme outer edge of the pan and wall studs.
  • Then clean the area and allow everything to dry for 24 hours before working in that area. Use cardboard sheeting or a similar material to protect the pan floor after installation.
Panel Installation Tools
  • Silicone
  • Roller
  • Closed-foam double-lined tape
  • Aluminum u-channel
  • Screen spline
  • First, apply a strip of closed-foam double-sided tape to the bottom of an aluminum u-channel.
  • Now, press the channel into place on the tile surface after removing the cover strip.
  • Then, run a bead of silicone inside the channels and press them onto the edges.
  • Carry the window into position after removing the cover strips.
  • Now, with the window in place, press the channels firmly against the tiles.
  • To finish, run a strip of screen spline in the channel and on the dry side of the window, thus securing it in place.
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