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Silverware Sets

Sujata Iyer Dec 1, 2018
Silverware sets are the most common table accessories. But not everyone knows how to get the perfect one for themselves. Read ahead to know all about silverware sets and how to buy them.
It's your turn to host the monthly dinner party for the office people. You know what you're going to cook. You know what music you're going to play in the background. You've already ordered the flowers from the florist. But you have a nagging feeling that something is still missing.
And then it strikes you! You don't have a nice silverware set to set the table with. The one you have is missing several pieces and is not really a proper table setting for formal dinners. Don't stress yourself. Given here is a lot of information on silverware sets and how you should buy one for the perfect dinner table setting.

What are Silverware Sets?

A silverware set is a set of serving and eating cutlery. Silverware is made of 925 sterling silver. The reason is that pure silver is very soft and hence can bend easily. So, it can't be used to make cutlery. Many people assume that silverware and flatware are the same.
Although, inherently, they have the same components, there is one basic difference due to which it is wrong to term flatware as silverware or vice versa. This one difference is, that flatware can be made of any metal, like stainless steel or even plastic. However, silverware is made only of silver and can be a much more elegant table setting than flatware.

Pieces in a Silverware Set

There are generally 5 pieces in a basic silverware set. These are,
  • Place knife
  • Place spoon
  • Tea spoon
  • Salad fork
  • Dinner fork
In addition to these, there are also other pieces of cutlery that could be included in your set. These are,
  • Butter knife
  • Soup spoon
  • Dessert spoon
These were the eating cutlery. Serving silverware includes the following,
  • Slotted spoon
  • Meat fork
  • Big serving spoon
  • Salad server
  • Gravy ladle

Value of a Silverware Set

Original silverware is relatively expensive when compared to flatware. The value of a silverware set can depend on the following criteria.
  • Weight: The heavier the set, the more it will cost. For example, a single spoon of one silverware set could weigh more, and hence cost more than two butter knives of another set.
  • Number of Pieces: Silverware sets are available in varying number of pieces as seen above. It is obvious that if the number of pieces is more, the price will go up. For instance, basic silverware sets for 12 will definitely cost more than silverware sets for restaurants, which generally buy a large number of pieces.
  • How Old or New: In the sense that antique silverware sets definitely cost much more than your everyday use silverware. There are gorgeous antique silverware sets with cases that can cost up to $65000 too! These are generally bought by collectors who have an interest in the history of the set.
Silverware sets from the pre World War II period are most wanted in the market, as that was the period during which silverware sets were the rage. Affluent families got silverware sets specially designed and made for them, and these have been passed down from generation to generation.

How to Buy Silverware Sets

Buying a silverware set is a long-term investment. Cleaning silverware properly will ensure that it does not lose its shine even after repeated use and washes. That is the mark of a true silverware set. Just follow simple guidelines on buying a silverware set for yourself so that you don't waste your money.
  • Try online shopping. Many websites have great offers on original and quality silverware sets. Online shopping works out cheaper.
  • If you're not comfortable with online shopping, then you can just browse through the websites of some leading companies like Oneida, Reed & Barton, Towle, etc.
  • Once you have selected the set you want to buy, personally go down to the store and touch and feel the set. May seem mundane, but if you're going to be spending a fortune on it, it is always better to check it out thoroughly so that you can have a proper table setting.
  • If you think that an entire set will work out too expensive for a one shot buy, you can collect the pieces in installments. Meaning, you can buy some pieces of the set at one time and others later, whenever the budget suits you. For instance, make sure you have at least a complete set for at least 2 people. Serving ladles can be purchased later on.
Elegant silverware sets can transform an otherwise casual table into a sophisticated one. It adds a touch of class to the table decoration and can create a good impression in front of the guests you're entertaining. They are a great investment and you can pass it down to your children. Who knows, your silverware set may be worth a fortune in the future!