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How to Repair Single Pane Windows

How to Repair Single Pane Windows
Single pane windows are inexpensive; thus, you may rest assured that even if the window pane sustains a crack, you have to replace just a part, and not the whole of it.
Azmin Taraporewala
While single pane windows are not used in home decor anymore, it does not mean that single pane windows are a section of the long forgotten past. Single pane windows are still one of the preferred choices in accordance to the cost incurred. It also means less energy and time invested if the window counters a broken glass. Repairing a single pane window is simpler and less time-consuming than double paned windows. One may just have to repair the light or the section that is damaged, instead of uninstalling the whole of the window pane.
You may consider a double paned model as their prices are scaling down, however single pane windows would always serve to be an affordable-cum-humble counterpart of the more sophisticated double pane windows. However a single pane window may be unable to provide the required insulation quality that is required rather demanded by the homeowner.
Single pane windows, it must be agreed upon, are a bit old-fashioned, however they cannot be termed obsolete in nature. It is due to this very reason that single pane windows require repair, care and maintenance. If you notice any discrepancy in the window or it has sustained any type of damage, immediate attention is a must. Make sure that you look into the matter and fix the problem as soon as possible.
Repairing Single Pane Windows
Remove the Glass
As the glass is damaged, you need to remove it. To get the window pane out, you have to apply an adhesive tape on the border and the middle section of the window pane. This is done because the window glass has to be broken to be replaced. With the adhesive tape in place, the glass when broken with the help of a hammer will not shatter.
Get Rid of the Glazing Compound
The glazing compound around the glass window has to be removed either with a scrapper such a chisel as there are times when the substance will fall off all by itself, however sometimes, the compound has a strong grip and refuses to lose the same.
Cleaning the Frame
The rest of the unit, that is the frame has to be clean and safe to receive the new glass window. Thus, scrape through any remains of the compound or any other hindrance that may cause trouble during installation.
Installing the New Glass
Before you install the new glass, make sure that the single pane in a wooden frame is lined with a primer. In case you have an aluminum frame, you do not need to put the primer. Now get the glass section that you would like to replace, it is a must that you get a glass measuring in length and width that is smaller by ⅛'' so that the glass pane may fit easily.
Caulk and Glazing Compound Application
Apply a lining of caulk on the window pane so that there is a bedding of sorts that is provided to the glass that is installed. The glazier points have to be pressed through the window pane, ensuring also that the caulk sits well. If however, you have a window pane that is metal or aluminum based metal clips would be used to hold the glass in place. You could take a screwdriver or a tool of any kind to press the caulk so that the sustainability of the glass is maintained. A thin reel of glazing compound has to be fixed in between the glass and the window pane. You may take a putty knife and insert it through the gap where the glazing compound is placed. This ensures that the compound sits well.
Final Touches
Clean the glass well with a sift cloth to remove any traces of caulk or any glazing compound. It would be beneficial if you paint the frame or the window pane, only after the compounds applied to hold the window have dried.
Maintaining Single Pane Windows
Single pane windows do not provide good insulation, and the problem elevates when there are cobwebs, dust and muck that settles at the window pane. Use an alcohol-based product and not an oil-based product. You may be of the impression that an oil-based product could make a lot of difference to the clarity it offers, however this is contrary. Alcohol-based products have the capacity to break down the presence of bacteria and dirt. Also, it does not leave behind any traces of oil which look like drag marks on the glass surface.
When you have to dry the glass, have a folded piece of paper and wipe it thoroughly. Don't use the paper when your glass is half dried. As soon as you clean the glass surface with alcohol-based product, wipe off the surface with the paper. Wiping with a newspaper preferably will not leave behind any traces or smudge marks on the glass thereby giving you nothing but sparkling single pane windows.
As we have mentioned, repairing single pane windows does not require much of an effort as you only need to replace a section, and not the entire unit. Never mind, if you are unable to repair the window by yourself; you always have the option of hiring a technician to execute the job in question.
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