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Sisal Rug Cleaning

2 of the Most Effective Sisal Rug Cleaning Techniques

There are specific techniques and ways in which sisal rug cleaning can be carried out. Continue reading for more details on this subject.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
A sisal rug is made from natural fibers of the Agave sisalana plant, and the material that it produces is highly durable, flexible, and strong―hence, it's a great choice for making rugs. When it comes to carpet cleaning, this type of rug needs to be cleaned with care so that the quality of the rug can be maintained over a longer period of time, and it does not shrink and lose its luster and shine. The following methods can be adopted for the same.

Regular Vacuuming

Natural fibers have several layers attached to them which can make it easier for dust and dirt (along with other impurities) to settle in them. That is why you need to make sure that you are vacuuming the carpet regularly so that there is no build up of soil and other impurities in between the various layers of the carpet.

When using the vacuum cleaner, use the strong suction pipe attachment so that the pressure helps to dislodge the heavily set dirt. It will also prevent the build up, and therefore cleaning will become easier and less of a cumbersome task. It also helps if you take a wet cloth over the rug surface so that the layer of accumulated dust can be cleaned up (do not do this to a sisal-wool rug). Never wash the rug as this could destroy it altogether.

Spill Cleaning

When it comes to spills, not only do they leave an unsightly spot on the carpet, but also attract a great deal of dirt and dust, thus making the task of cleaning even more difficult. When there are any spills or stains that have been left on the carpet, there is a need to clean the carpet out as soon as possible.

Take a couple of paper towels and blot the area that has the liquid spill. Use as many towels as required to get the water out. Next, use a sponge and apply small portions of diluted detergent or any regular carpet shampoo, and mix with warm water before using it. Use this to spread over the carpet, making sure not to saturate it at any point of time or else the rug will stain further. Once the liquid has spread well, brush over it lightly so that the dirt is collected. Use the paper towels to blot over the carpet again and remove the excess water. Now, dry the carpet with the help of a fan or a hair dryer. This method can be used for most dirt spots.

For things that have an oil base and are prone to getting crusted over after drying―like shoe polish or nail polish―these need to be cleaned in a different manner. The first thing that needs to be done is lightly scraping the carpet of the residues of the substance with a metal or steel object. This should be done with extreme caution so that the threads of the carpet do not start to come off. Once that is done, use a damp, white cloth and a dry cleaning agent on it. Use this to gently clean the spot so that the residues dissolve and you can scoop them with the cloth. Once this step is over, dry the carpet.

Now that you know what it involves, make sure that you use these tips and keep your carpet clean and neat.
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Hand Woven Sisal Rug Detail
Hand Woven Sisal Rug Detail