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What's That Smell: 4 Very Easy Methods to Control Skunks

Smita Pandit May 10, 2019
Are you looking for effective ways to get rid of skunks and their foul odor? Here is an information on the methods of skunk control.
Skunks are mammals that have the ability to burrow under buildings. They belong to the Mephitidae family and the order Carnivora. They burrow under sheds, homes, porches, decks, and woodpiles to create a den or home for themselves. Since these are sensitive to light, these are not active during the day and stay inside during the daytime.
They have long front claws that help them to dig or burrow easily. If you find mounds of dirt on your lawn, you must watch out for them. If they find a way into your home, you will need to try effective methods of skunk control at the earliest.
These mammals emit a foul and pungent odor. If these feel threatened by you, you might get sprayed by the discharge produced by their anal glands. The discharge not only has a pungent odor, but also causes a stinging sensation.
Besides the terrible odor that can cause headaches and nausea, these mammals are one of the primary carriers of rabies. These can cause serious damage to your pets. Diseases such as canine distemper can be spread by them.

How to Get Rid of Skunks

Removing their Food Source

You must take all possible precautions to keep these dangerous pests away from your home. Be on a lookout for patches of dirt on your lawn. These mammals can eat both plant and animal foods. They feed on crickets, grasshoppers, and beetles. They might feed on garbage also.
So, the first step should be getting rid of their food source to drive them away. Make sure that pet food, compost heaps, and garbage is not kept outside. You could also use insecticides to get rid of the insects from the lawn, so as to eliminate their food source.


You could also use natural repellents. Since skunks don't like the smell of citrus fruits, you could use citrus sprays or spread peels of citrus fruits to drive them away. You could also use predator urine to get rid of them.
Since predators such as dogs can be harmed on being sprayed by their obnoxious secretions, using dog urine would be a safer option. You could also place ammonia-soaked cotton balls in the area infested by these mammals.
Since these mammals are nocturnal and come out only during night due to their sensitivity to light, you could keep the area well-lit by using motion sensor flood lights.


You could use traps, but first make sure it is not against the law. You can use pet food that has a strong odor as a bait to attract them and set a trap. Once you manage to trap it, take it to a location, far from the premises. Use fences in your lawns or gardens and seal all places or holes through which they might have earlier entered your premises.

Ways to Get Rid of Skunk Odor From Your Pet

The discharge from this mammal has a terrible odor. To get rid of the offensive odor, make a solution using hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish washing soap in a container. Keep stirring till all the ingredients have been mixed properly.
Apply this solution to your pet's body and massage well. Make sure that it doesn't enter your pet's eyes, nose, or mouth. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off.
If you ever spot a skunk in your home or anywhere near your home, try the aforementioned skunk control methods. Do take all possible precautions to keep them away.